Month: December 2014

LeapViral, is it just another scam site to stay away from or a legit way to earn big online?

LeapViral is a site just like mylikes that promises the online publishers to earn from sharing links of blogposts to their social media accounts eg twitter, face book, google+, blogs, forums etc and attract visits through the links by their audience, whereby the earning potential would be determined by the quality of traffic generated through the link. The main reason of creating the site is said to be, sending traffic to the sponsored sites owners who pay leapviral for the service.

As a publisher/user, one is recommended to perform a test to the link and determine the kind of the traffic/audience targeted before submitting the link to his (most recommended audience is aged 35+) and the performance of the link would also be affected by the time of submission.

The users are also able to earn from reffering new members to the site besides the earnings from the link submissions and it is said that some users who are able to attract QUALITY traffic to the given sites are able to earn up to over $42 dollars for 1000 visits (which varies based on quality), this also means that the publisher can be able to attract quantity traffic and earn nothing.

When I was introduced to leapviral, I was so eager to earn through my personal blog, face book, twitter, tsu, google plus audiences etc and I would improve my audience afterwards when things worked.

As usual, I had to carry out a scam check about the new site to earn from. The proved a trust rating of 75%, while had no much information about leapviral, after also reading some positive reviews on the web I decided to give it a shot for I had nothing to lose since it is just free to join.

After trying to submit the given links to my audience severally without any results of earnings (not even a single click in my stats), I am convinced that something is not really right, or did I miss something?

Anyway, this might be as the result of sending QUANTITY traffic instead of QUALITY traffic, and the fact that I am not a US user. But wait! Most of my audience on social media sites are from USA.

My suspicions that LeapViral is scam have been strengthened by the factual evidence that all the links provided to be shared by the publishers lead to the posts found on the same site, called (can it be a real fact that this is the only sponsored site available so far?) and no new links added since the time I signed up, a week ago.

In conclusion, I can summarize my scam claims about LeapViral as just a fake site created to send traffic to, the site which is probably owned by the same person. And that the positive reviews around the web about LeapViral are all the work of the site owner promoting it to attract the unsuspecting users.

Suppose my suspicions are right, I believe this is the smartest way to drive traffic to any site to be employed by the scammers to earn big through different ways, CPA, CPM etc.

This is my stand for now as I wait for a convincing feedback as to why I should change my mind about it. Feel free to leave your opinion about this; you never know how much it might help me or anyone else, especially if you can prove that LeapViral works as supposed to.

Away fro the doubtful sites that claim to make you earn more, doing almost nothing. I know that to land to this page, you are really seriously searching for a way to make the ends meet. This is why I find it reasonable to inform you about a training program that will unlock unlimited opportunities of making 1000s of dollars from your home based on the hard work and time you will be dedicating to the skills you will learn from it.

It is not a get rich quick scheme (sorry if you are looking for that), wealthy affiliates university offers its members access to the internet marketing training course, the tools and support to build the successful online business. The service that cannot be accessed anywhere else.

Stop struggling to make money online and get the training and the support you need to take you from a novice to a pro.

One great idea I learnt from my role model that keeps me motivated towards achieving success

Everyone who aspires to be successful in life must have a role model to follow in his footsteps and achieve his dreams either to the same level or beyond his role model’s goals.

One can have as many role models as he wishes based on his interests and ambitions but in order to accomplish the success similar to that of the role models, one has to learn the personal strengths and weaknesses of the role models.

Though it is rather hard to keep in pace with the role models’ strengths due to the natural factors like the limited resources at your disposal that can limit your scope, you can get more motivated if you realize that your role model is weak in some areas that you are okay with.

One of my role models is a professional journalist by the name Leonard Mambo Mbotela. This is a man who is currently in his seventies and has been able to achieve a lot in his career as a journalist.

He has worked as a radio presenter, a news reader, a news reporter, a TV show host in a Kiswahili show called ‘je, huu ni ungwana?’ (Translated to mean; ‘is this being a gentleman?’) And featured in many other radio shows besides being a football commentator and also earned a lot of journalism awards.

What really caught my attention more about Leonard mambo is that; the man does not know how to write the job application letter, the thing which must keep anyone wondering how he was able to move from one job to another, meaning a promotion after another, without applying for those positions.

According to him, the good company must just recognize the abilities of the employees and promote them without bothering them with job application letters; let the experience do the talking during the job interview, but not the well written application letter bought from the internet, expressing what the employer wants to hear from the person who is not.

How online writers are currently earning from bubbews regardless of the site nonpayment

It is not clear whether bubblews completely ceased paying the users for their content and activity, there still happen to exist rare cases of paid members as the rest of the members patiently wait for the payments that seem to be far overdue based on the processing period promised by the site.

The lack of trust in the site by some members who happen to write for the multiple revenue-sharing writing sites has led them to devise the new and reliable way to earn from bubblews indirectly.

Here are some of the ways the creative writers are employing to at least console themselves over the wasted efforts and resources they devoted to bubblews but seem to have ended up in smoke.

Since all the users who still have their accounts with bubblews (those whose accounts are not deleted yet) can access their content without issues, they have decided to pull out some of the high quality posts and submit them elsewhere, earning from them.

Though it is also a challenge, especially according to the fact that most of the posts submitted to bubblews were of low quality (specifically created for bubblews) hence not readily acceptable to some writing platforms where quality override quantity.

Other users (especially those whose bubblews accounts got deleted for pestering for payments) have now been left with only one option; writing on other platforms bad reviews about their real life experience on bubblews, trying their level best to tarnish the bubblews name, but still earn from the rants.

As for me, one of the international veteran bubblews members with the account still intact but with over $500 dollars still pending/under investigation; my hopes for ever getting paid the due payments are still hanging on the thread, always checking to see what news has developed.
In venting out your anger of mistreatment, you can opt for any of the above ways to still earn from your experience about bubblews, or patiently wait for the last answer from the site admin.

What I do to find new topics to blog about as well as continuously earn as a freelance writer

Working online as a freelance writer is challenging in the sense that your job entails creating unique posts of varying topics continuously whereby one should be able to come up with a different interesting idea write about.

That is why any serious freelancing writer must come up with the long lasting method to gather information from various sources to create the posts based on them without exhausting them within a short period of time and fail to meet the expected writing targets when one doesn’t come up with ideas to post about.

Here are some of the methods I have devised to ensure that my information sources are not depleted soon;

Watching my favourite TV shows:
I never watch the show just as any other TV viewer, instead I watch the show (mostly drama) with a different perspective in the sense that I keep looking for the answer to some arising issues from different angles of ‘what if’ and trying to brainstorm for the reliable solution. This way, I cn be able to come up with the new version of the show which can only be twisted a little to make an interesting post.

Listen to my favourite local radio station
Since most of the radio shows aired by my favourite radio stations are current and nvolve the issues affecting the modern man; to a keen listener, I can be able to come up with different interesting ideas about the issues that many internet users are seeking information about and create posts relating to them.

Take a short walk around the city
Since I happen to live in the city packed with people from all walks of life, by just strolling about for about 30 minutes, I would have stumbled against several ideas to note down and create blogposts about.

Just make a phone call to someone interesting to talk to
If I am bored and feeling blank, a phone call to some of my friends and a short friendly chat about general life can trigger a topic to write about and blog about.

Browse the internet- Browsing the web about any of my favourite topics or the current trending topic can be a very good source of the new idea to write about besides participating in social media contests and chat rooms.

Every freelance writer has different ways to keep coming up with the ideas to write about and keep the clients satisfied as well as meet the scheduled targets.

Some Profitable Earning Ways I Discovered About Chitika Ads Network Anyone Can Try

Did you know that there are several other profitable ways to earn from chitika ads besides the shared earnings by serving the ads on the publishers’ sites?

Besides adsense, chitika is one of the most recommendable ads networks in the advertising industry to the online publishers which is known to work together with other advertisers on the same site without issues, and cash out maximum threshold is only $10 dollars.

Though it is agreeable that chitika’s earning rate per click is a little bit lower as compared to adsense and some few other advertisers, chitika is the only ads network I have ever come across, that offers the affiliate program of 10% to its users which can supplement the total earnings.

The chitika affiliate program gives the users the opportunity to earn 10% commission on the revenues earned by their direct referrals up to 10 first months of the referred user.

How much to earn from the chitika referral program depends on how many active referrals the members are able to invite under their referral links, which can be directly tweeted by the publisher to his twitter friends or use the banners that are available on the site to advertise with the promotion campaigns anywhere on the web to attract more invites.

This means that, if the member can be able market his links widely and refer more users, there is no limit as to how much the publisher can be able to earn from chitika, besides running the ads on his own sites, .

Chitika ads can be used on sub domain sites such as wordpress, blogger etc and help the publisher to earn with publisher platforms that adsense rarely permit.

So, if you are a publisher/you run a site with some reliable traffic, chitika can be the best way to earn some online income besides the adsense, for it only takes up to 15 minutes to verify and approve the sign up for the account.

Doesn’t it also mean that one can be able to earn by chitika without being a publisher as long as he is a chitika member and can market the referral link?

Will Die Without The Users Realizing Any Promised Earnings?

I discovered the site a few weeks ago as another social site with the opportunity for the users to earn by posting content and socially interacting with other users just like the face book and tsu.

Unlike other post to earn sites I have experience about, where the popularity of those sites grew overnight and within a few days after launching, the news would have reached every corner of the world where the internet is present and millions of user sign ups achieved.

For example, within one week, the tsu site (which is another social site that pays the users) had already grossed over a million users, which is not the same case with site, with almost the similar set up platform but different earning rules.

It is now almost a month or more, and the site’s registered users have barely gone above 100 sign ups. The site looks very deserted with very little activity by some of the users who are not spending more of their valuable time there.

This can be as the result of a few possible reasons as follows;

Their main requirement of the users to qualify to earn from their posts, of the minimum of 1000 followers seems to scare away the prospective users, who tend to see it as the sign of a scam.

Another cause might be that, the site seems to have not taken seriously the initiative to promote the site through different methods available. Instead relying on the few available users to spread the news about the site’s existence, and yet the site lack the referral program, where the users would use to invite their friends to the site, where by winning the trust of the new users at the first impression.

According to my personal experience about, the site possesses all the qualities of a quality website. It is user-friendly, loads very fast and easy to navigate; displaying the quality of a business website.

If things continue as it is now, the site is under the risk of closing down after a short period of time for it will not be able to meet the costs of operation without the required level of traffic which would earn the site the ads revenue to keep it alive.

The question is, how long will it take the users to gain over 1000 followers so as to qualify into the earning program?

One Idea, Several Versions, More Earnings, Is The Best Way To Earn Writing Online

If you are the online worker of my type, having membership to more than one writing site, then you already have a hint as to how profitable it can be by maximizing the earnings from the same topic/idea of the posts. Else it can be very difficult to come up with topics to post about and satisfy/equalize your presence on different writing platforms.

Earning by posting on the revenue-share sites is not easy especially if the user cannot be able to be more active on any given site. To be more active to a writing site can only bear fruits if you can post more content too.

Many online writers fail to accomplish this when they spend more of their online time on one site and forget the others, ot of the reason that they have limited topics to post about and thus they decide to use their idea to post on their most favourite sites, ignoring the others.
It is true that some users have not been able to visit their profile pages on some writing sites they have membership with.

Here is how one can beat this weakness and equally participate on several writing sites without much brainstorming and accumulate more income from all the streams, thus increasing your financial security working online.

1.write down your idea to post about the writing sites that you wish to submit the posts containing your idea.

3.write several different posts bearing the same idea, but different versions and post them to the writing sites according to the rules stipulated.

Since most of the writing sites have almost similar user rules, there is no reason why this simple idea can be cannot be beneficial as long as you ensure that the posts are written as unique to each other.

In the internet world, one idea can be used to produce 1000s of unique posts, but having similar targeted keywords, and carrying the same information.

See why most of the online scams are the work of top notch internet marketers

Are you asking yourself why I came up with this conclusion?

This information is not about the scam sites that offer the earning opportunities to their users and decline paying them after offering their services and met the terms of the contract as agreed between the two parties. Or those sites that guarantee certain services to their users after a payment of a certain fee but decline to offer the services agreed.

It is about those individuals who promise their prospective clients to reveal to them the secret they are applying to earn $1000s of dollars in a day or a week without doing anything, as long as they have a computer with the internet connection.

I believe such scammers who promise/claim to better other online users’ lives by sharing with them a certain secret that they have discovered and using to make thousands of dollars a day are some of the top notch internet marketers with many years of experience.

To put strength to my suspicions, I will share with you some of the main qualities of the good internet marketer that I find to be applied by the scammers.

As good marketers, they are blessed with a language meant to convince their prospective clients to earn their trust and work on their emotions to scam them.

The vast knowledge about how different online users make money online
The scammer is able to list all other ways the online user might have tried/ came across but did not work. For example, he can detail how you using his secret will not need the creation of a website, driving traffic, creating a mailing list, selling/buying of online products, downloading software etc.

The ways they use to promote their scam information-
The appealing titles in their ads- under any case their ad lands in your email inbox, there is a high probability that the user will be interested to learn more about the ad is all about.

The offers they guarantee the prospective clients-
Almost all of such scammers promise the prospective clients a money back guarantee if they would not be satisfied with the service/product bought

Here is my ultimate conclusion, if these guys are not themselves some of the great internet marketers, then they must be working in liaison with great marketers who sell their services to these cyber criminals.

Interesting secret on how the online affiliate marketers earn massive affiliate commissions doing so little

Affiliate marketers play a very vital role in selling the online products through facilitating sales by connecting the potential buyers to the products they are affiliated with, playing the role of the middleman and earning a percentage of the total sale.

The percentage affiliate commissions to be earned vary depending on the affiliate product being promoted through the affiliate marketer’s website, which can range from 1 to up to 20 percent of the total product sale. This means that, in case the website user comes across the product that interests him/her and ends up purchasing the product under promotion. The affiliate marketer pockets a good amount of money in terms of the affiliate commission, by just offering space on his website for affiliate promotions.

I have been sitting back watching the image in an ad on my computer screen. The ad image is in promotion of a very large and complex industrial stone crashing machine, suitable for quarry mining and other hard materials used in construction.

Such heavy duty machines cost thousands of dollars and thus I was imagining how much the affiliate marketer can earn in case such costly machine is bought under the affiliate program.

For example; let’s assume the cost of this industrial machine is $10000 dollars. And further assume that the affiliate commission to every sale is 10% of the product price. It means that the affiliate marketer is able to earn $1000 dollars on one machine sold.

Even if the marketer would be able to facilitate the sale of 2 machines each month, he/she will be able to pocket $2000 dollars per month without directly handling the products sold.

It is really interesting how some online workers are able to reap massive profits for just providing the promotion space on their websites to market the affiliate products.

This is why having own website and promoting affiliate products is the only easiest way to become a successful online entrepreneur.

This success can only be achieved by those who have access to proper affiliate marketing knowledge and reliable tools, costing thousands of dollars thus keeping away many interested people. But what if I told you that wealthy affiliate university is giving out all these valuable training for free?

It is not joke, and you can start off here, by setting up your free website in less than 30 seconds.

Does it present more earning opportunities or disaster with more new writing sites?

Just like everyone else who wants to make the ends meet in earning online, I tend to grab at any new opportunity that seems promising, with realistic minimum requirements to earn. And here I am again to share with you my new discoveries to try earning there too.

This way, I am able to put the eggs in several different baskets of which the future earning ability is uncertain and be able to stay on my foot when some baskets fall on the hard ground, breaking the fragile contents beyond salvage.

So far, I have been able to sign up to numerous writing sites (what pose as is) that I came across while working on others, but not been able to actively post like I usually do on those sites that I have fully reliability.

Each of the sites that I have joined and talking about have its different user rules, even though some seem to share a lot in common. The differences mostly are in terms of the minimum length of posts, the number of allowed posts submitted per day, the number of characters in a comment posted etc.

Here are the examples of the newest writing sites that I found to be appealing and recommendable to my friends in the writing universe, so that besides blogjob, they can have somewhere else to retreat to.

CGP gallery- this is the bubblews resurrection that came to being some weeks ago but already attracted a significant number of membership, promising to pay the users at the rate of $0.01 per view to the posts

Elite visitors- I am not yet sure about its payment system, for I am not a member yet, but it is a site with appealing features.

PostAnyArticle- this one pays the users whenever their earnings reach a minimum of $1 dollar and the users can post articles as short as 50 words in length.

Bitlanders– the users earn money in form of bitcoins and can redeem the coins for real dollars.– the new social site that pays the users to post content and interact with others just like the face book.

MylifeB- Also have the features similar to face book but with the earning option to the users who achive the minimum following of 1000 contacts.

I won’t give any guarantees about earning with any of the above sites but it is my recommendation to put them on your trial list and sign up with any that appeals, according to their respective terms of use.

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