Month: November 2014

Nothing impresses me more about the cointellect bitcoin mining earning service than their reliable lifetime 10% affiliate program

I have been using the cointellect bitcoin mining service for a while now and I am very impressed by the earnings results so far and thus I believe I will be earning a good share of my online income from the site, without doing much there as long as I will be able to invite serious affiliates who will also be grateful for the opportunity.

I find cointellect to have an unlimited earning potential, especially for the users who are taking advantage of the cloud-hashing bitcoin mining contracts which promise high returns on investment, where the earnings are paid daily at the consistent rate and only be renewed at the expiry date when the user’s invested amount has been paid out along with the profits, depending on the type of the contract purchased.

Right now, my earnings from the site are all resulting from the solo mining, which started after downloading and installing the free cointellect mining software to my computer and it is reset every morning I switch the machine on.

Besides the solo mining earnings, I am also getting paid 10% of the earnings/ investments of the affiliate users.
I feel very lucky to have invited some serious investors who have so far purchased some contracts and I will be getting paid 10% of their investments, which remains pending for 14 days since the day the contracts are purchased; in my case, just a few more days and I will be receiving over $30 dollars, all out of the affiliate program, besides the 10% of the referrals’ solo and affiliate earnings.

I am considering reinvesting part of the gains back to the site, by buying the demo contract of 14.95 euros and be paid back with profits, daily for the following 10 days.

Feel free to join us here and enjoy the benefits of the new cloud-hashing service and the free lifetime affiliate 10% program as long as you will invite friends and relative to invest as well.

What if the site highlighted as scam is working for you? Cointellect bitcoin mining software contains no threats

I have been working online for over two years and thus I believe to have gained a good experience as to how to be able to identify a scam site and stay away from it and invest my time and efforts wisely in the sites that I am guaranteed of the returns on investment.

It is usual thing when working online to find that no single site where users earn online from can remain clean all the time without the competing sites and those who for whatever reason did not qualify to work on it trying to defame it, by posting fake reviews about the website, highlighting it as a scam. For example, while innumerable posts were getting submitted about bubblews being a scam, I received my first online income from bubblews, and several other successful redemptions, even though I did not receive every expected dollar.

When joining any site that you find highlighted as a scam, at the same time you find others posting the positive reviews about the same site; it is normal to every cautious online worker to have a divided mind as to whether to join or not. But there are the filters that a serious online worker has to consider, you never know, you might be missing something great.
On my part, as long as there are no initial sign up fee, and the payment rules are not that unrealistic- especially, payment on condition that one brings in a certain number of referrals,
I do not see why I should not join and test the waters from inside.

That is the same thing that happened when joining cointellect– cloud hashing bitcoin mining online service. Though there are numerous allegations on the internet web for the site being a scam, I have tried to check them and realized that none of them seems to state the facts as they are, for the site seem to be working for me without trouble.

This leaves me with the conclusion that most of the negative reviews might have been propagated by the cointellect’s competitors. Especially, due to the site’s decent service compared to other companies in the bitcoin mining industry.

One of the allegations that I found not to add up is that the mining software downloaded and installed contains a malware that is meant to steal away the cryptocurrency in the users’ wallets. This had stirred me to perform a full antivirus scan, using the Microsoft essentials antivirus, only to come up with no threats detection and yet I have the cointellect mining software installed and running successfully on my computer.

Some scam sites are just beyond doubt but blind the desperate online jobseekers with unrealistic promises

Just like the so called pyramid schemes, that conned a lot of people in many parts of Kenya of the hard-earned cash with promises of getting them doubled within a short period of time possible, which was one month in case of the scam NGO that had some of my friends and relatives as victims.

According to the victims who took the bait, those briefcase companies came to the people at the grassroots with the convincing idea that, their organization was financed by foreign countries to help the poor people in the fight against poverty.

The residents were thus supposed to invest any amount of money with the ‘company empowering the community’ with the expectation of getting 125% interest on top of their principal when the investment matured, the due date being the same date of the next month.

At the beginning, things were working as expected, because the investors got paid the expected amount, 125% interest without issues; the fact which made the greedy crowd under most cases reinvest the whole amount, both the principal and the interest earned, and on top of it all, invite their friends and relatives to do the same. Most of the people fell victims based on the testimonies from the friends who had already tested the waters and confirmed it fit for investment.

Within a very short period of time, the business was booming, escalated from a few thousands to several millions of shillings invested and reinvested.

The issues started with delayed payments whereby the investors were told to come back at a later date, which was a week or two, convincing them that the funds were on the way from foreign countries sponsoring the NGO or simply awaiting clearance from the accounting staff before getting released.

Then, phew!! The offices of the so called NGO vanished into thin air, no leads to be followed that could connect the aggrieved investors to the real suspects of the scam.
There were several reports of suicides to some investors, who are said to had sold off all their property and invested in the company expecting to reap very massive earnings, only to realize that it was all but a lure to lose everything.

What the people did not realize was that there was no real investment going on, for it was their own money that was getting given back to them to lure them into investing more.
You will find that scams in the offline businesses are more damaging than the online ones, for there are no scam catchers offline.

Is tsu’s earning potential really worth your time?

When I first got the information about tsu, as the newest social site that pays its users for their content and activity on the site, earning from doing what the face book never paid a penny to their users, it was like wow! At last, someone has just come up with the idea that will threaten other social sites to also start paying their users or else retreat to their extinction.

I believe I was among the first few users who signed up, under the invitation link I was given by a bubblews user through her facebook account. Infact I was very happy for discovering another reliable online source of income.

But I was demoralized when I got busy for the most of the first days on the site tsu, posting, sharing posts, commenting on other users’ posts, inviting other friends and doing anything that everyone was trying to make the ends meet using the site, but even though the posts were attracting some encouraging amount of traffic, my bank remained at 00 balance.This has left me wondering since I expected to earn some few cents based on the page views generated.

According to some users who seem to be earning well on tsu based on the stats they are posting, it takes a lot of dedication and hard work to realize a penny. So, the question is, how long will it take for some users to reach the payout threshold of $100 dollars?

This does not mean that I have given up completely from using tsu, for it has other benefits especially to online content creators like me, whereby I will be promoting my blogposts there by simply posting the links. As a result, I will be indirectly earning from the visits to my posts directed from tsu.

All that I can advice new tsu users is that for anyone to earn any reasonable income from the site, he must have a very large network of friends and be active the most of the day, the thing which I cannot, for I have a very tight working schedule.

Join through the link given above, or here to give it a try, who knows, it might suit your earning interests. Maybe, I had unralistic expectations.

Anyway, I have dedicated most of my online work time towards bitcoin mining, the area I can trust to earn consistently.

My wonderful experience with cloud bitcoin mining

Today I have not done a lot of blogging because of a few things that I have been doing some online research about. One of the things that have taken a lot of interest nowadays is the bitcoin and how to invest wisely in the valuable digital currency.

Since I am investing a lot of efforts in bitcoin industry and most of the bitcoin cloud mining companies have the smell/features of scams, it has come to my attention that I have to carry out enough research about the companies involved and be able to invest without the worry of the involved companies hanging their boots just after a few days of operation, hibernating with all the invested cash plus the expected profits.

As my research continues, I have already signed up an account with cointellect cloud mining/ cloud-hashing company and downloaded and installed their bitcoin mining software (miner) which is so far showing some promising future results, where I have accumulated almost one dollar (the earnings are given in euros)

Though mining with my own computer installed miner is slow, and I am yet to opt for the mining contract purchasing, I have been lucky to invite a very active referral who seem to be performing great, which means that I am earning 10% affiliate commission on his total investments.

I am looking forward to more affiliate users under my referral link, which will boost my earning power to the next level especially if it turns out that all of my affiliates are serious investors who would like to gain more from the opportunity that cointellect is putting before them.

As usual, any online business bears risks, but if one can be able to take manageable risks, there are always the high potential of gaining a reliable returns on investment.
The best thing about my current bitcoin mining investment is that it hasn’t cost me any finances, but I have already started to reap the benefits. If things continue the same and get me convinced that I can place my reliance on the opportunity, I won’t hesitate to go for the contract hashing.

More updates to come soon, substatiated with stats.

Why marketing skill is highly needed for every serious online worker

As an online worker, whether a freelance writer, a blogger, software developer, a site owner web designer etc. as long as one relies on the internet world to sell his/ her content, he stands no chance of competing well for the limited market of his content if his marketing skill is not up to date even if his content is of high quality.

Being a good and successful online working is just same as any other business person where it is a challenge that can be tackled by the individual if he is able to transform himself into several professionals all merged into one, for example; one is required to act as a salesman, an accountant, a marketer, as well as a manager of own business.

Out of the above named professional fields, the online working person can decide to outsource, but before one can do all that, he must have created the content that is targeted to a certain group of the clients, who can only be reached by use of reasonable and affordable means of marketing and promotion.

Take for instance a site owner, after designing and creating a website and posting the expected content, one would need a way to ensure that his site’s content receives reliable traffic in long term so that the website can be monetized and earn consistent income revenue that will be able to outweigh the cost of operation and gain profits, just like any other business.

The online author who writes and posts articles on post to earn on revenue-sharing writing sites is also required to ensure that his posts receive enough traffic so that he can be paid by the site owners based on the ads revenue earned by his web pages.

This is why every online worker must have a membership on several social sites like face book. Twitter, google+ etc with a very reliable following that is genuinely interested in the posts shared.

Earn a quick dollar with new PostAnyArticle for posting short articles

Just imagine getting paid for posts of 100 words as long as your account accumulates a minimum of 1 dollar. directly to your PayPal account.

For those who are new to PAA, just as the site name suggests, PAA it is just another writing revenue-sharing site that pays its users based on the ad revenue earned from the posts created. The users are allowed to post any number of articles about anything under the sun, since there is no limitation as to how many posts to be submitted in a single day.

The best new improvement on the site is that, now, the users are allowed to write posts in other international languages besides English, and if you are well skilled in a certain foreign international language, you can apply to work as a moderator and still get paid for your work in moderating, besides the normal posting. The work of the moderator would simply be to detect plagiarizers, spam and to ensure that the posts submitted meet the laid down rules of the site.

I happen to be one of the veteran members to the site but I had forgotten about it for a while since it sometimes ago developed a payments problem, that was said to have been out of the malicious attack to the ads which led to the suspension of their adsense account.
When I logged in again, I was very amazed by the improvement on the site and found that there are a few more great changes to the terms of use which are user-friendly.

According to the site admin, more new features are expected before the end of this year, the changes that many users are looking forward to, which I am also hoping to take the advantage of.

If anyone is interested in making a few dollars per month, feel free to join the site here and post your introduction post.

Online earning made easier by the free new bitcoin mining software

Bitcoin is the digital currency which is which is very valuable and internationally accepted in the internet world, known to be generated by the IT equipment while processing data in the normal uses based on the computational power of the machine.

In order to transform the PC equipment’s processing power into digital currency, a special kind of software known as the ‘miner’ is required to transform the computational power (hashing power) of your computer’s graphics processing unit (GPU) into real crypto-currency.

This is where the service of cointellect software comes in handy. The company is providing this software free of charge to be downloaded and installed on the user’s computers to perform the mining of the digital coins by connecting the user’s machine to the pool where by the realized earnings are distributed according to the hashing power of the equipment as long as the computer is in use or left idle provided it is switched on and the program connected to the pool network through the internet connection.

In order to maximize from the services of cointellect, the miners have access to three options that can help the miners optimize the earnings from the opportunity freely provided besides the solo mining directly from the same software program

Since the ability to generate earnings is mostly based on the limited computational power of your computer, one can opt to purchase the contract hashing power. The service of purchasing the contract is split into 9 types which can be opted based on the financial capability of the users.

Affiliate program; the users are entitled to the 10% commission of all the earnings of their referrals, this program gives unlimited earning potential to the users provided they can invite friends, family and any interested person who would active afterwards. You can start your bitcoins mining by simply join our company through this link. Or, by clicking on the banner below.

Investing online as the only way for the reliable retirement lifetime returns

The challenge of getting old and losing the ability to work and earn as before is the worry of every person who has no special retirement benefits plan whereby one risks losing his financial independence in the near future and begin relying on the help from the well wishers, living in a helpless state.

There are several ways one can invest to be guaranteed with the steady returns on investment, but not all of them are reliable or affordable. As a result, everyone wishes to establish a retirement plan that would pay reliable returns on investment, yet affordable.

This type of investment with similar qualities as the above can only be created online by those who know how to tap into the earning potential available online but only seen by the expert eyes of the webmasters.
Being an expert in any given field is enough to create your retirement benefits plan online if it can be transformed into invaluable wealth, provided your knowledge is shared through the required channel directly to your targeted clients

The best thing about online world is that it gives opportunity to everyone as long as one can be able to identify his capabilities, create content relating to the specifications of the targeted audience and promote it to reach them.

Take for instance, the following professionals; the writer, the medical doctor/ consultant, the legal expert, the photographer, engineer, web designer etc. these experts can be able to establish their retirement benefits plan by simply creating a website and post content relating to their real life experiences.

Since the lives of the professionals are surrounded by real life problems seeking unique solutions, sharing them online can be invaluable solutions to others who are going through similar experiences and searching all over for any reliable information that can help them fix their issues themselves.

The professional services can also be sold in form of online consultation, cancelling or personal coaching directly to the online clients.
With proper way of selling your services, one is able to develop a very reliable online retirement plan to depend on for the lifetime without hassle.

Try this trick and you will never get disappointed from its results as long as you will monetize your website properly and market accordingly.

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