Month: November 2014

The wonderful experience that I had with Blogjob earnings PayPal redeem system

Just like I said in the wall update last night before logging out from blogjob, I redeemed the 10000 reward points for $100 dollars, and within less than 12 hours the money is in my paypal account as the instant payment; what a great and quick reliable redemption process we got here on blogjob?

I have been working online for several years, earning and receiving payments through paypal account, but it has been trouble getting the money to my paypal account when the redemption time comes, whereby the payment would undergo several tedious processes before it is lastly sent (or is never sent at all, with no reason)- mostly in form of the e-check if luckily sent. Which means that the payment would be in hold for about 5 more days before the transaction can be completed and the account holder is able to withdraw the cash.

In fact I was expecting anything worse to happen when I was undergoing the paypal redeem process. I am not sure what exactly I was expecting, but my worry was about the blogging requirement number two- the social media sharing requirement of 5 times per each blogpost submitted. I was not sure if I had achieved the required social shares for the 87 blogposts that I had already submitted till yesterday.

Early in the morning today, I was very excited when I logged in to my inbox and found the e-mail sent from blogjob, notifying me that the shipping order had been successfully sent according to the shipping aaddress given. It was after going through the details of the e-mail that I realized that the payment was already in my paypal account, paid instantly.

Although I suffered $4.2 dollars charged fee by the paypal, I am glad to learn that the redeem process on blogjob is not as torturuous as what most of the freelance online workers undergo when reaquesting their hard earned cash.

I wish to assure my fellow blogjobbers who have not yet been able to redeem their earnings for the first time that it is just fun as long as you have satisfied the few blogging rules on blogjob.

I am Thrilled with the earning experience on bitlanders

If you thought that tsu is the only social site that is paying to users to do what they usually do on face book and other popular social sites, then join bitlanders and enjoy the new online earnings experience as well as cast your online fishing net wider to capture more income both passively and actively.

I have been on bitlanders for only a couple of days and now I have got something worth smiling about and give a real life testimony.

If you have no clue about what I am talking about, then sit back and relax to let me get you through a quick personal experience that I have so far gathered trying to spread the fishing net in trying to make the ends meet in my online earning business.

Bitlanders is just another online earning site with features similar to blogjob or face book where the users earn from posting any content ranging from images, videos, blogposts and microblogs; collectively referred to as content gaming.

The earnings is in terms of bitcoins and the earning rate is based on the buzz score which is dependent on the level of engagement with the other users and the performance of one’s posts both on the site and the social world.

For those who find the terms bitcoin/crypto-currency as new, bitcoin is just the digital currency that is accepted across the internet web to be exchanged for the dollar currency, which now stands at the value of $340 dollars per 1 Btc and it can be collected through paypal account.

The users are to log in everyday to be awarded the crypto-currency earned the previous day and do all the tasks many are used to on face book, finding new friends/followers known as subscribers on bitlanders.

To sign up, one must use his/her face book account, and even up his earning potential if he will be able to invite the face book friends to join as referrals, whereby the user will earn 10% of the earnings of the referrals indefinitely.

Join through any link given here and I will be glad to be amongst your first subscribers.

Are earning sites with complicated earning structure likely scam?

The online working world has very many opportunities, yet very few are worthy the users’ time.
This is to mean that only a handful of the sites posing as an opportunity are legit and likely to pay for the users’ service rendered according to the accepted terms and conditions.

This is why the users are advised to perform due diligent research about the site they wish to join and not to get disappointed when they realize that the reality is rather different from the face value of the site posing to be worth a try. It gets more complicated to perform a scam check to the site when it is still new and not very much exposed.

There are some sites that you can only learn some hidden rules when you join and start working with them and realize when too late that you will never be able to have your first payment due to the certain conditions that are just unrealistic to meet.

Take for example; there are some data entry sites that promise very good earning rate per task completed. But when you join them, you find that, before you start getting any offers/tasks to complete, you must have about 20 referrals who have also to bring in at least 10 referrals. I am sure the experienced online workers know how next to impossible referring up to 10 users to a new site is, leave alone 20 referrals.

In addition to this, the referrals must at least login to the site once per day; the thing which will always be out of your control,

Before you realize it, you see the deductions in the accumulated points, and that is when you are notified that the deduction was due to the rules violation of one of your referrals (that is if you have been lucky to refer a new user)

This is just part of the experience that I have undergone while trying to earn on one data entry site, which is becoming more and more complicated. Since the user who referred me to the site is going through similar experience, is the site likely to be a scam?

Highlighting some sites as scam can be just a clever tactic for the post to rank well in search engines

It is a common experience to most of the online workers to perform a scam check to any site that others are recommending and ensure that the site is legit and his efforts will be paid off before joining.

Under normal circumstances based on the experience that I have gathered over the few years that I have been working online, performing a scam check involves using the search engine to compare the reviews about the site on your microscope slides.

In detail, typing the name of the site I the search box followed by the words, ‘scam or not’ would bring you the results to sort through the titles of the posts that seem to interest you and choose to read the reviews, both those supporting the site as not scam and those highlighting the given site as scam.

After sorting out the interesting posts, you check the consistency in the claims and you can easily detect something that will not be adding up, since a scam site would have hurt different users offended in the similar manner.

Even the positive reviews should at least show some consistence about the benefits to be expected from the site posing as the new potential opportunity.

Based on this, some opportunistic online writers can take the advantage of this scam detection experience and try to make it their cornerstone in creating posts that would attract more page visits since the internet users would be typing in the search engine the keywords that their posts content are rich in.

This is why it is very hard to perform a scam check on some sites that seem to be working for some users while others are pointing the accusing fingers at the same site, trying to expose it as the site to stay away from, or else get scammed.

Out of this reason, some scam-sites are still thriving besides the posts created everyday about how some users have been scammed, since others are always wishing to try for themselves.

Many online workers run scared of joining sites that involve downloading software

I reached this conclusion when I received a comment to one of my posts sharing my experience about how I am earning a steady income from cointellect bitcoin mining cloud hashing site, which involves downloading and installing mining software.

According to the commentator, he sounded interested to test the new earning source but the software downloading part scared him, but he is still considering joining the site when he becomes satisfied that the site in question is safe. It is clear that some downloads contain malicious malwares that can damage the system, or give away private information. Running the Microsoft essential to the cointellect software proved it threats-free.

Since most of the reviews about some earning sites are fake/paid reviews, I understand the dilemma of some online workers who are unsure of the trustworthiness of some sites which seem to have double-edged reviews in the sense that some users are posting about how they have personally benefited from the given site and thus recommending others to try it too.

On the other hand, the online world also contain some posts throwing mud at the same site, which may be true as to the experience of the post creator according to his unsuccessful experience with the site in question or it might be as a result of paid defamation of the site by the website business competitors offering similar services. This is normal in the cutthroat business competition and thus one has to make up his mind and make wise decisions. For you never know the opportunity before you that you are missing just out of the misleading information.

In the first place, I was wondering why very few readers to my reviews seemed interested in the opportunity that I felt was legit and reliable, even without monetary investment, as long as one can invite serious referrals whereby earning 10% affiliate commission on their total earnings.

I am sure that I made the right decision in joining cointellect and downloading and installing their software that so far is working without issues, earning me some income passively.

Why Most of freelance online earners are reluctant to invest money in some sites to earn returns

After trying severally to recommend some sites that I believe are legit and worth the time of the online investors to my online friends without much success, I have learnt some of the possible reasons that must have caused it.

For example, I tried to introduce some of my blogjob friends to etoro, online legit trading site where the traders can easily trade by copying other traders who are skilled in CFD trading and be sure of the profit gain. There was very cold response to the recommendation.

Recently, I tried to bring to the attention of some of my online friends who are also online workers about the bitcoin mining cloud hashing service by cointellect, but only a few serious and eager to try new ways of earning online took the initiative of signing up and starting their journey in the digital currency/crypto-currency investments.

Freelance online workers, whether they deal in writing articles, data entry jobs, etc. all have one thing in common; they earn their income based on the efforts and time invested in a given online job opportunity without any monetary investment.
Here are the most probable reasons why most of the freelance workers find it hard to decide to invest in online world;

Since earning online is not that easy, no one is ready to invest his hard-earned cash in sites that might turn out to be scam and close the curtains in the near future.
Some online investments take long to earn returns and yet they involve high risk of losing as compared to gaining, this scares away the potential online investors and thus decide to invest their efforts in the readily tailored sites where only efforts and skill of the user is required.

Some online investment sites have no reliable security features that can guarantee the safety of the investors’ funds. If any unforeseen event occurs, the investors can be sure to lose all the invested cash and no further legal measures the affected investor can take to claim his rights, as the terms of use on the site might have included a clause limiting the liability to the investor.

Anyway, one rule that applies to every online investments especially those dealing with CFD/ stock/ currency/crypto-currency day trading; it is advisable to invest to amount that one is ready to lose.

Get rich quick schemes are scams targeting those who are lazy to think

First thing everyone should learn about scammers is that; no real man who has discovered a goldmine would brag about it before the public. This should leave you with the answer that all those who brag about having discovered a money minting machine are liars.

Some scams whether online or offline are just beyond doubt that they are just tricks laid down to defraud the unsuspecting greedy lazy individuals who see them as the investment opportunity.
In the real world, we meet people who claim to have got powers to enable someone to double or triple any amount of cash that are brought before them. Many unsuspecting individuals still fall for this old age trick, simply because their greedy mind does not give their brain time to think and ask convincing questions. All that their greedy mind can permit them to think is the opportunity before them and the possible benefits likely to achieve.

Under many cases of offline con stories, there are victims who end up buying valueless items, convinced that they are the money-minting machines or plain fake currency in exchange for the real currency.
Scammers in the online world are the most aggressive tricksters campaigning all over the internet about how they would like to share with others the secret that they are using to earn over $1000 dollars per day at the comfort of their homes.

Taking a closer look at their articles, you will find that such scammers are always wishing to sell you an e-book worth $10 to $100 dollars or more that is expected to have the details about the idea they are sharing, and promising to refund you in full in case you do not get satisfied by the service bought.

Under such cases the scammer will include fake testimonies about how the same idea has benefited others, meant to convince the potential victim that he would be the next one on the list of those testifying the results achieved, only if he can make the decision of buying the service that will surprise everyone when the fruits of his investment are reaped.

If everyone can take a few minutes to think, very few would fall for such cheap tricks, instead you should find everything out of order to see someone who has discovered a gold mine still chasing a dollar all over the internet with very attractive ad banners, “see my secret about how I make $1000 every hour at the comfort of my house.” Total nonsense tricks!

How to prune/manage the twitter/ instagram account and remain with friends who meet your social sharing interests

I was having trouble with my twitter account in the sense that I was losing followers each and every time and I could not follow back other friends who I found interesting, since I had already reached the maximum following of 2000 and yet the followers remained below the reasonable level of less than 1000.

I had known where the problem was, but I could not find time to locate and fix it. The whole trouble began almost a year ago when I was desperate to find new followers to share with my posts from my online writing work and thus I was blindly following anybody who happened to come before me, expecting that some would follow back.

I even learnt the hard way that there are the twitter friends following restrictions when my twitter account stopped completing my requests to follow new friends, notifying me that I had to unfollow some of my friends in order to create room for more followings.
I had realized that I had followed hundreds of irrelevant accounts of users who were never active at all and could not follow back, hence just increasing the number of the followed users.

I am very grateful about the suggestion by one of my twitter friend who tweeted me recommending me to use the app to weed out both the unfollowers and those users whom I followed but never followed me back.

I was surprised to find that over 1150 users out of the 2000 users were not following me, what a waste! It was during the weeding out the irrelevant users that I discovered that I was following some users who have never tweeted anything. Some accounts used a foreign language, while others seemed to have been auto generated using bots.

I am very happy about the results of using this app, I was able to weed out the maximum permitted number of unfolowings of 100 in one day and I will be doing the same to more accounts tomorrow and more days to come until I will be satisfied by the type of the users I am following and what I expect from them.

If you have any issues about managing your twitter or instagram accounts, app is the way to go. Unfollow all those users who unfollow you and always choose to follow friends based on your interests just like the app would recommend.

Impressive Tsu earnings stats from the other users have given me inspiration to invest more time in the site

Yesterday, I was very amazed by the impressive earning performance by several Tsu users who were posting the images of their Tsu bank sections printouts exposing the unlimited earning potential hidden within the Tsu social site.

There was one post that really caught my attention and made me to realize what I am missing by simply not being active on Tsu and dedicating more of my online working time to the site. The post showed that the user was short of only $9 dollars away from the cash out minimum threshold of $100 dollars. In fact, he might have already cashed out, based on his earning rate of over $7 dollars per day as it was reflected by his ‘yesterday’s earnings.’

However, I was further amazed when I took a closer look at his profile page. The user must have really worked extra hard to achieve his current network of friends and followers in his family tree. He had 9746 followers and 4995 friends in his network.

Comparing this with what I have in my tsu account so far, the bank is still at $0.00 balance, 21 friends and 57 followers, I can see that I have a long way to go if I am serious about ever earning and cashing out on tsu.

Anyway, I am challenged to have realized that to earn a penny from tsu, it is not as easy as a walk in the park or ‘earn a quick million overnight’ opportunity as some of the users put it. It requires a lot of dedication and patience in addition to hard work and the skill of interaction with the old and new friends in one’s network.

Due to my tight daily online working schedule, it will take me a while to build up and sustain a reliable network of followers and friends who will enable me to earn money on tsu at a reliable daily rate.

Here is my invite link for my new friends who would like to learn the new social site earning experience.

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