It is similar to jumping the boiling water into the fire itself if the suspicious online user tries to put into check any online work site suspected as SCAM, only to discover that his scam detection research has led the internet user to the real scam after basing the reliance on the scam review.

There is no single legit online job site that has no negative reviews floating in the web. This is meant to bring in confusion to the users unsure of joining a given website with the intention to make money online.

It is a matter of caution for most vigilant online workers to perform due investigation about the legitimacy of the site they have on list to trying to earn from and ensure that their efforts are not wasted when using the site.

In order to be on the safe side of online investment, one would like to see the views of other users about the given site as well as the personal testimonies about the benefits/disappointments of using the site.

This is where the user has to be more careful, for not all the reviews about a given site being scam are meant to help you avoid getting scammed; instead the reviewer is intended to divert your attention to his own scam site, making you believe that he is the saint from heaven to show you the legit ways of making money online.

In fact some reviews are just paid reviews to divert the attention of the online users from joining some legit sites to the real scam, giving out false testimonies about how personally the reviewer has benefitted from using the stated money making ways.

Since the online users who attempt to check the legitimacy of the sites to join sites to assist them earn online are always expecting to find some alternative ways, they are easily swayed away to believing that the one exposing the scam is doing it out of good faith.

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