Most of the online workers believe that it pays more to create your own website than working as a partner on the already tailored micro-blogging platforms that offer different services and pays the users according to the terms of use.

But creating own website can only be successful if the website owner is skilled in online business and is offering the services/content that the internet users are willing to buy at the provided price and be able to meet the cost of operating the site in the long run.

This is why it is not advisable for a novice in online business to opt for creating a website as the way to earn online in the short run, since before one can be able to pocket any gains from investing in website creation, it would have involved many factors that the website cannot run without and it might take long to set up the earning system on the website, because some of the outsourced services like website hosting can be beyond one’s control.

Taking it from the point of view of a total newbie in the online business; it would take a long time to set up a website which will meet the minimum requirements of the advertisers, which happens to be the primary area of revenue earning of any website in the publisher category. Adsense service for instance, cannot be set up overnight.

It takes some steps, where the request sent for the adsense account has to be approved upon the adsense team checking and verifying the website under request and ensuring that it its content meets the required standards. This can take as long as a month before any feedback is received, which can be either positive or negative.

I believe that creating own website should never be seen as the way to start earning online in a short period of time but rather an investment to expect the returns on investments after a certain period of operation.

For those who wish to make a quick dollar, you better opt for working on micro-blogging websites where you will earn as a partner after signing up for an account.

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  1. I think websites are excellent for people who have established a business and name for themselves and want to publicize all that they can do. Until a person has a significant amount of experience and good reviews attached to them, I know I would say it’s better to be a partner on somebody else’s website.

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