Daily2cents is a writing revenue-share site that pays the users according to the unique page views their posts attract, at the rate of half-cent per view. Just like bubblews, PAA etc but different in a way that the posts must meet the SEO requirements; else it can be difficult for the post to attract any traffic through the search engines.

When I was first introduced to the site; some months ago, while on bubblews. I must have misjudged the site based on the site’s name thinking that it meant that the users earn a passive daily 2 cents per post no matter what. This made me to think that, if that is the case, the users with thousands of posts can be able to earn a very decent pay without doing anything, since each post would bring in 2 cents.

It was very interesting to the extent that I had to take a closer look at the site, but only to get disappointed by how hard it was to earn from the site since there is no view exchange as it is with other writing sites that I was used to where each user have to give back the favours given in order to earn faster.

Anyway, I am thinking of giving the site a second attempt, for I signed up an account but I was not able to post the first article due to some of the sites strict rules I did not have time to look closely so that I could not violate them and get my account suspended.

In fact, I was reluctant to invest my efforts in daily2cents because I compared the earning rate of half cent to that we had on bubblews of a cent per action and decided to exert all my efforts on bubblews expecting to be paid every cent earned there.

But to my surprise, not every effort was paid for, there is a number of payment requests which remain pending for the last 5 months, which I have lost hope of ever getting paid. So, it is better a low earning rate which one is sure to be paid that ha high rate but there is no certainty in payment.

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  1. I don’t know if this will help you at all, but since DailyTwoCents is based on Google AdSense, they’re a slave to any changes made by Google. Google has been cracking down on how much regular people can earn from AdSense searches, and I wonder if this is affecting DailyTwoCents earnings.

    Personally I like that even if I never write anything for them ever again I can still collect earnings for views, but I agree that it’s not a quick earning website. I feel safe in stating that this holds true for all residual income websites.

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