Tapbooty is the app that is created with the idea to bring the apps creators/developers and their customers together whereby the users can access the newly created apps to test them and give feedback to the creators according to the satisfaction achieved and even upgrade the status from demo/ trial version of using the app to permanent version.

According to the site owners, the applications developers pay the tapbooty owners the agreed payment while the tapbooty users are offered booty coins for the activity performed, which can be redeemed for USA dollars at the rate of $10 dollars for 1000 booty coins.

The site offers several ways of earning booty coins besides the downloading of the new smart phone apps, which are mostly internet games for android and iphones. The users are entitled to the 10% affiliate lifetime commission of the activity of the referrals. Another way to earn can be to gamble the already earned coins for more. There is also a sign up bonus of 100 booty points, equivavent to $1, where the referrer also earns equally.

The users can be able to earn unlimited income from the site based on the number of the available apps to be tested and the activity of the referrals one is able to invite.
If one has a smart phone, he can be able to earn a decent income as long as he will be able to take the offers by downloading and installing the required apps which earn differently and the points to be awarded are always visible beside the offers.

There are users on the face book who claim to have been able to earn up to $5 dollars daily as long as the new offers are available to be downloaded.

Before I joined the site, I was scared by the fact that one has to sign up through the face book/twiter or youtube accounts and allow the app to access some features, the thing which made me to perform the scam check but I was satisfied by the site legitimacy when I read some assuring opinions on yahooanswers about tapbooty where the discussion is said to have been done 2 years ago and most of the respondents seemed to be satisfied by the service. Even one of the owners of tapbooty took part in the discussion clarifying some facts.

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