The online working world has very many opportunities, yet very few are worthy the users’ time.
This is to mean that only a handful of the sites posing as an opportunity are legit and likely to pay for the users’ service rendered according to the accepted terms and conditions.

This is why the users are advised to perform due diligent research about the site they wish to join and not to get disappointed when they realize that the reality is rather different from the face value of the site posing to be worth a try. It gets more complicated to perform a scam check to the site when it is still new and not very much exposed.

There are some sites that you can only learn some hidden rules when you join and start working with them and realize when too late that you will never be able to have your first payment due to the certain conditions that are just unrealistic to meet.

Take for example; there are some data entry sites that promise very good earning rate per task completed. But when you join them, you find that, before you start getting any offers/tasks to complete, you must have about 20 referrals who have also to bring in at least 10 referrals. I am sure the experienced online workers know how next to impossible referring up to 10 users to a new site is, leave alone 20 referrals.

In addition to this, the referrals must at least login to the site once per day; the thing which will always be out of your control,

Before you realize it, you see the deductions in the accumulated points, and that is when you are notified that the deduction was due to the rules violation of one of your referrals (that is if you have been lucky to refer a new user)

This is just part of the experience that I have undergone while trying to earn on one data entry site, which is becoming more and more complicated. Since the user who referred me to the site is going through similar experience, is the site likely to be a scam?

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