As usual I was expecting a hefty fee from PayPal online bank service when I withdrew some cash from my etoro account, for I had been charged severally for the earnings I always received to my account for the payments from the writing sites I work online for.

Last week I decided to withdraw $30 dollars from etoro, day trading online platform, the amount was subject to $5 dollar withdrawal fee, as laid down in the etoro’s terms of use. Therefore, I was expecting another cut on the remaining amount of cash when it reached my paypal account. A few days after the withdrawal, the same amount transacted reflected in my paypay account and even though I am happy about this, I am also wondering how different was this receipt compared to the others I have already had.

The main difference between this transaction and several others is that this latest transaction was a direct receipt while most of the incomes I have ever received to my paypal account were in form of e-checks. For instance, the e-checks from bubblews had been subject to up to 3% of the amount of earnings sent to me by bubblews. I could receive $100 dollars as an e-check in progress, but when it finally reflects in my paypal account, I find it to be $97 dollars, meaning that $3 dollars was charged to the amount of cash received.

I am exploring other ways of making cash online, and I will be comparing to see the differences in the chages in terms of paypal fees when I receive the payments, especially if the paying sites have adopted the direct paypal payment system.

Anyway, it is still unclear to me whether the paying site is exposed to the paypal charges when it uses the direct payment method, and the charges are met by the receiving account when the e-check is sent.

8 Comments on Paypal did not charge me for the transaction of receiving withdrawn money from my etoro account, was it because It wasn’t the e-check?

  1. Hi Henry,

    Nice post.
    Can you confirm if this is still the case today?
    I am looking for ways to fund and withdraw on etoro without a credit card (as I don’t have one at the moment).
    Paypal seems to be my only option at the moment but I want to make sure I don’t get slapped with a high fee on withdrawal.


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