I was having trouble with my twitter account in the sense that I was losing followers each and every time and I could not follow back other friends who I found interesting, since I had already reached the maximum following of 2000 and yet the followers remained below the reasonable level of less than 1000.

I had known where the problem was, but I could not find time to locate and fix it. The whole trouble began almost a year ago when I was desperate to find new followers to share with my posts from my online writing work and thus I was blindly following anybody who happened to come before me, expecting that some would follow back.

I even learnt the hard way that there are the twitter friends following restrictions when my twitter account stopped completing my requests to follow new friends, notifying me that I had to unfollow some of my friends in order to create room for more followings.
I had realized that I had followed hundreds of irrelevant accounts of users who were never active at all and could not follow back, hence just increasing the number of the followed users.

I am very grateful about the suggestion by one of my twitter friend who tweeted me recommending me to use the justunfollow.com app to weed out both the unfollowers and those users whom I followed but never followed me back.

I was surprised to find that over 1150 users out of the 2000 users were not following me, what a waste! It was during the weeding out the irrelevant users that I discovered that I was following some users who have never tweeted anything. Some accounts used a foreign language, while others seemed to have been auto generated using bots.

I am very happy about the results of using this app, I was able to weed out the maximum permitted number of unfolowings of 100 in one day and I will be doing the same to more accounts tomorrow and more days to come until I will be satisfied by the type of the users I am following and what I expect from them.

If you have any issues about managing your twitter or instagram accounts, justunfollow.com app is the way to go. Unfollow all those users who unfollow you and always choose to follow friends based on your interests just like the app would recommend.

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