Most of the online currency or stock day traders join online trading sites expecting to double their invested finances within a short time span and get rich overnight, but only to become disappointed when they lose all their investment into the market even after gaining some profits consistently for a while.

Though some of the online trading platforms advice the users/traders to take precautions before investing on their platforms as well as warn the traders about the risk exposure, most of the platforms do not rely on the normal factors influencing the currency exchange rates in running their platforms, instead manipulate the system to ensure that most of the investors lose as compared to those who gain; of course that is the way trading platforms make money online.

This can be confirmed by one example found on the online platform called etoro. After being a trader there for almost a year, it dawned to me that the system is always manipulated to act against the expected trends as could be confirmed by the changes in factors affecting the currency exchange rates. As the result, many traders are caught by surprise when the market moves the wrong direction and the trades are closed in losses.

Initially, it was never a problem when the market acted against the opened trades of the traders, since they could hold their trades and wait for the market recovery so that the trades can be closed in profit, which is not possible anymore since the introduction of the overnight rollover fee, charged to the account balance. This means that the longer the trader holds the trades, the more he is charged.

As anyone invests in any online trading platform, just get it straight that it is just a game of gain and loss, there is a probability to gain for a while before losing everything afterwards. This is to clarify that your general knowledge and skill about forex cannot determine your success in online trading.

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