Month: November 2014

Fake reviews about scam sites that target cautious online users and direct them to real scams

It is similar to jumping the boiling water into the fire itself if the suspicious online user tries to put into check any online work site suspected as SCAM, only to discover that his scam detection research has led the internet user to the real scam after basing the reliance on the scam review.

There is no single legit online job site that has no negative reviews floating in the web. This is meant to bring in confusion to the users unsure of joining a given website with the intention to make money online.

It is a matter of caution for most vigilant online workers to perform due investigation about the legitimacy of the site they have on list to trying to earn from and ensure that their efforts are not wasted when using the site.

In order to be on the safe side of online investment, one would like to see the views of other users about the given site as well as the personal testimonies about the benefits/disappointments of using the site.

This is where the user has to be more careful, for not all the reviews about a given site being scam are meant to help you avoid getting scammed; instead the reviewer is intended to divert your attention to his own scam site, making you believe that he is the saint from heaven to show you the legit ways of making money online.

In fact some reviews are just paid reviews to divert the attention of the online users from joining some legit sites to the real scam, giving out false testimonies about how personally the reviewer has benefitted from using the stated money making ways.

Since the online users who attempt to check the legitimacy of the sites to join sites to assist them earn online are always expecting to find some alternative ways, they are easily swayed away to believing that the one exposing the scam is doing it out of good faith.

What you must know about the new version of (smart) scam sites

When the online earner comes across the term ‘scam,’ all that runs into his mind is- that site which takes advantage of the unsuspecting users and fraudulently fails to pay them for the services rendered according to the promised rewards or that site which fails to render the services paid for by the users.

To the current cyber world, that is the practice of the past, and before many people realize it, they will have devised another scamming trick. They really know how to twist their game but the end is always the same only that this time round, the victims of scam are left in the dilemma because they cannot really understand how it all began or who to take blame.

Here is how it all starts; these ‘smart scam sites’ pose as just some other ways to make easy money online, but with the earning structure that bases more concern on affiliate programs where the users earn a very attractive rate of affiliate commission on every new referral sign up and all the affiliate earnings after.

Some of these sites do not really have the real tasks that the users have to participate in to earn besides signing up and inviting others into the program as new members, who will in turn invite more and more users by posting affiliate links all over the web, promoting the site, introducing more victims to the easy money.

For example, I came across a site which claims to have been online since the year 2010, with a very attractive affiliate commission program and promises to pay the users $4 dollars for just signing up.

The only task that the user has to do afterwards is to invite the visits to the site and earn $0.5 dollars for every visit through the affiliate link, and to cash out after attaining the minimum earnings threshold of $40 dollars via PayPal. Where is the catch now? You ask.
The main purpose of operating such sites is to collect privacy information from the users and sell it to the third parties, who will in turn scam you using your own supplied personal information.

I think this information best explains the spam messages you always find in your e-mail account, instructing you to settle some issues with your PayPal account.

This is why every online user should be very careful about joining any site that its legitimacy is under suspicion.

Exposing the most popular witchcraft trick used by witchdoctors in Kenya and many other parts of Africa

It is a common knowledge in Kenya that no customer would present himself to the witchdoctor and leave without getting his problems solved by the witchdoctor even if the problem addressed is faked as long as the customer would pay for the service.

Surprisingly, some of these witchcrafts conduct their services using the holy Bible, just to make the whole exercise look like it is the power inspired from above that is assisting them to perform their ‘Godsend acts.’

It is very surprising to see that a good percentage of the customers who ever visit the witchdoctors, are never able to fathom the real secret that the witchdoctors employ to deceive the customers to feel satisfied with the service and even recommend other friends and relatives by testifying how they got helped.

Here is the most used basic trick that the witchdoctors fool their customers with. When the patient is presented to them, the witchdoctor can be seen to peruse through the Holy Bible and after reading a certain verse or two, he/she throws about the cowry shells and pretend to interpret the message about their arrangement with the life of the customer.

After making the customer to understand his problem as per the arrangement of the cowries, the whole exercise of treatment begins, where the customer/patient is made to drink a certain liquid meant to be concocted from special herbs.

Then the most worrisome stage of the exercise follows, which involve the use of the razor (of which cleanliness is itself a question) to cut small incisions at several body parts, as the witchdoctor sucks at the cuts/wounds and spits out the contents of spell. The ‘spell’ can range from the pieces of glass, pebbles or even pins, etc.

After the exercise, the witchdoctor may advice the patient to go to hospital for further treatment. Here is the real trick used. Before the whole exercise, the witchdoctor had the pebbles, pins, glass pieces, or whatever in his/her mouth.

The so called special medicine given to drink might be just anything, meant to fool the patient, and the spells removed from the body was actually spat from the mouth. And the healing afterwards can be as the result of visiting the hospital and getting treated for the common illnesses which might be malaria, typhoid etc.

Have you realized how being a witchdoctor is just the art of convincing?

Macadamia nut production as a long term business investment every farmer should practice with sure returns

Macadamia production is one of the booming businesses that seem to perform very well in most of the parts of the world.

Macadamia nuts can be produced both as a cash crop as well as for subsistence purposes based on the high nutritional value of the nuts and the industrial usefulness of the different parts of the plant.

Production of the macadamia does not involve much, and this is one area that makes their production much fun. In the first place, the macadamia trees are grown just like most of the hardwood indigenous trees and mature after a period of two and half years. Upon the maturity, the tree produces the nuts throughout the year for the following years as long as the lifespan of man.

This can be considered to be a lifetime investment, especially based on the fact that the man would not be required to put more attention in the output besides that harvesting of nuts, which can be estimated to be over 200kgs per year for every single tree.

Based to the current market price of Ksh.120 ($1.4 dollars) per Kg of macadamia nuts, each tree can be estimated to produce nuts worth Ksh.24000 ($282 dollars) per single tree in one year.
According to the experts in the macadamia production, one acre of land can hold up to 200 trees. Therefore, assuming that a farmer can allocate only one acre of his land to the macadamia production investment, he can be sure to pocket over Ksh.4.8 million ($56470 dollars) from the acre of land.

Comparing this productivity with other types of cash crops, any serious farmer can see why the macadamia production should be taken as the future investment project that does not involve a lot of attention, with the sure return on investment within a short period of time.

It can be advised that it does not require much to invest in macadamia production and yet it can be taken as a business with passive future earnings.

The wrong first impression I had about earning from dailytwocents writing site

Daily2cents is a writing revenue-share site that pays the users according to the unique page views their posts attract, at the rate of half-cent per view. Just like bubblews, PAA etc but different in a way that the posts must meet the SEO requirements; else it can be difficult for the post to attract any traffic through the search engines.

When I was first introduced to the site; some months ago, while on bubblews. I must have misjudged the site based on the site’s name thinking that it meant that the users earn a passive daily 2 cents per post no matter what. This made me to think that, if that is the case, the users with thousands of posts can be able to earn a very decent pay without doing anything, since each post would bring in 2 cents.

It was very interesting to the extent that I had to take a closer look at the site, but only to get disappointed by how hard it was to earn from the site since there is no view exchange as it is with other writing sites that I was used to where each user have to give back the favours given in order to earn faster.

Anyway, I am thinking of giving the site a second attempt, for I signed up an account but I was not able to post the first article due to some of the sites strict rules I did not have time to look closely so that I could not violate them and get my account suspended.

In fact, I was reluctant to invest my efforts in daily2cents because I compared the earning rate of half cent to that we had on bubblews of a cent per action and decided to exert all my efforts on bubblews expecting to be paid every cent earned there.

But to my surprise, not every effort was paid for, there is a number of payment requests which remain pending for the last 5 months, which I have lost hope of ever getting paid. So, it is better a low earning rate which one is sure to be paid that ha high rate but there is no certainty in payment.

How to earn redeemable booty coins testing smart phones apps and referring new users to tapbooty

Tapbooty is the app that is created with the idea to bring the apps creators/developers and their customers together whereby the users can access the newly created apps to test them and give feedback to the creators according to the satisfaction achieved and even upgrade the status from demo/ trial version of using the app to permanent version.

According to the site owners, the applications developers pay the tapbooty owners the agreed payment while the tapbooty users are offered booty coins for the activity performed, which can be redeemed for USA dollars at the rate of $10 dollars for 1000 booty coins.

The site offers several ways of earning booty coins besides the downloading of the new smart phone apps, which are mostly internet games for android and iphones. The users are entitled to the 10% affiliate lifetime commission of the activity of the referrals. Another way to earn can be to gamble the already earned coins for more. There is also a sign up bonus of 100 booty points, equivavent to $1, where the referrer also earns equally.

The users can be able to earn unlimited income from the site based on the number of the available apps to be tested and the activity of the referrals one is able to invite.
If one has a smart phone, he can be able to earn a decent income as long as he will be able to take the offers by downloading and installing the required apps which earn differently and the points to be awarded are always visible beside the offers.

There are users on the face book who claim to have been able to earn up to $5 dollars daily as long as the new offers are available to be downloaded.

Before I joined the site, I was scared by the fact that one has to sign up through the face book/twiter or youtube accounts and allow the app to access some features, the thing which made me to perform the scam check but I was satisfied by the site legitimacy when I read some assuring opinions on yahooanswers about tapbooty where the discussion is said to have been done 2 years ago and most of the respondents seemed to be satisfied by the service. Even one of the owners of tapbooty took part in the discussion clarifying some facts.

Many New ways to earn online yet most are just opportunities to exploit users

Since it is hard to achieve financial satisfaction from the few online earning streams that I invest my efforts in, I am always eager to try any new earning ways that I discover, either through the online friends or the posts on some writing sites that I am a user too.

Nowadays, it seems as if the internet gurus are trying to come up with every kind of trick that will enable them to tap into the hungry online job seekers who are ready to try anything that looks legit and offers competitive rewards.

I would like to warn the new online freelance workers that not all that looks like the opportunity is really one, for it might be the other way round, meaning that you are the opportunity to the owner of the offer posing as the opportunity.

One of the priceless experience/skills that the new online users are supposed to learn before accepting the offers that they are not sure about their legality is to learn to filter the scam sites from the legit ones based on the features that are outstanding about the given site.
The best and sure way to put any site that one is opting to work with is to use the search engine, just to see what others are saying about the same site and cross-check the validity of the reviews written about it.

Though it also needs an oversight knowledge to really be able to sample out the paid reviews from the real life experiences, comparing the positive and the negative reviews with the consistencies in the shared experiences can either show you what you are missing if you don’t join others, or the grave that you are about to dig for yourself, when the writing is on the wall.

It is the despair for online lucrative jobs with handsome rewards that can easily mislead the new freelancers to learn the hard way, when they become the victims of scam- chasing the million dollars for just posting links.

What happened to giga pay site?

Hopefully, the term giga circle is not new to most of the internet users in the blogging and micro-blogging world where the users or content creators earn a share of the revenues that the content they submit to paysites.

Just like blogjob, bubblews and other revenue-sharing sites the freelance workers earn income from; giga circle was one of the examples, accepting only original content.

I was introduced to giga circle while working on bubblews through a post by one of my friends who wished to share his experience about earning on other sites that he had membership with, besides bubblews.

As curious as any other freelance writer is when he discovers another online earning opportunity, I was eager to test the new site and see if it could be worth my time. As usual, I read the terms of use on the site and the FAQs as well as how the site worked.

After signing up and exploring the site for some time, I decided to submit my first post. The submission was successful and thus I had to share the post to several social sites so that my social friends would visit the link to the post, and boost the earnings.

Though I had already accumulated some earnings to the bank balance on the site, besides the sign up bonus, it looked like it could take long with hard work to reach the first payout, and so, I did not find giga circle worth my online working time.

Recently, I was trying to log in to the site just to see how everything was, and see if the site had improved to be worth the second try, but to my surprise, all that the browser could get in the search results was ‘giga circle’ with everything written in Chinese, even the images available were Chinese.

When I tried to refresh the search using different key words like content-sharing site but only to come up with similar results, I decided to conclude that the site might have been sold to a Chinese owner and can now be used by the Chinese or people who understand Chinese.

To my experience in working online, this is another revenue-sharing site which has just transformed into a different site besides the, and

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