Month: October 2014

Why give out offers that are meant to benefit nothing other than creating curiosity to potential customers?

Selling products on offers is one of the most effective ways for the large companies to promote their products or brands in their efforts to widen the market share as well as fight competition faced from other companies offering similar services/ products.

Awarding offers boost the sales of the product and the expected awareness to the potential market can be achieved based on the type of the incentives given out by the company.
But why should a company offer services impossible to benefit the potential customers?
For example, one of the largest mobile service providers in Kenya has some weird offers when it comes to internet bundles and airtime. One of the latest internet bundle offer that has got my attention is that, 500MB of internet data is being offered for Kshs.20 bob, (less than $ 0.25). The weirdest part of the offer is that the data bundle plus 200 sms must be used between 12.00 midnight and 6.00 AM upon subscription; else they would become useless upon the reaching the expiry time.

I find this offer very weird in the sense that it is meant to benefit only a few individuals who can perform their internet business at night time. As for those like me who can only conduct their online business during the day, we have the offer of 100MB data bundles plus 20 free sms (free sms which we don’t need)

The next example is also about another internet and mobile service provider with a big name. Under this case, the company offers its users free airtime for the phone calls to be used between 12.00 midnight to 06.00 AM, the time when everyone is probably asleep and not willing to make phone calls.

I am yet to find out why such big companies with experienced management staff would resort to such offers just meant to cause curiosity but cannot be beneficial to the users just because they are offered at the wrong time.

Who are the targets for such weird offers?

How to overcome the disappointments of working online

The phrase ‘working online’ can be used to denote several things people do online to earn them income whether legally or illegally. Whatever the online worker is involved in, for instance; the online paid writer, freelance writer, online publisher etc.

There is the involvement of the online clients whose business is to offer the jobs, promising to pay for the services to the willing and able online service providers, but to their disappointment the said clients decline to pay for the services provided leaving the workers very disappointed for the wasted efforts and time invested in the unfruitful venture, when they realize that it was all but a scam.

Unfortunately, this is the point at which most of the online dedicated jobseekers start from, learning by example the hard way and even worse, some service providers fall the victims of cyber crime where they end up investing money in some websites with terms of service that cannot be met to achieve the promised benefits.
Here are some reliabe tips to help the online earners not to be very exposed to the scammers in the cyber world;

Doing proper research homework about the potential client’s payments history: This can be performed by online searching and reading the reliable reviews about the selected site and ensuring that it can pay for the services rendered.

Ensuring that you are working for several clients at the same time: One should not rely on only one stream of online income source whereby some sites can die without notice and all your built up work vanish in a blink of the eye, when the target of the site is met; leaving the dependants disappointed.

To continually be searching for new online opportunities even though you have a stable stream of online source of income; to act as contingency in time of unforeseen occurrence; where the site that one is working for can go offline under maintenance leaving you no other option.

Things you must have in order to successfully work online as the online forex day trader

As a dedicated online day trader, one is always faced by the risk of losing the invested amount of funds in case the financial market works in the opposite of the trades opened, whereby the trader should react swiftly to act accordingly to reduce the level of the losses at the right time.

According to online trading, time is money and the right decision has to be executed immediately, else any impeding factor to the execution of the required action can reduce the gains to losses within very few seconds.

Here are some of the most important factors to be considered before any trader is ready to trade on his own under minimum risk:
A reliable internet connection: This one is a must to have for anyone who is considering to venture into online day trading, whether as a hobby or as the main source of income. The fast and reliable internet connection will enable one to open trades and close them at the very right time the opportunity arises.

A good and reliable internet connection around the clock will also enable one to login to his trading account and perform any measures either to reduce the risk or increase the gains, without getting hindered.

The reliable source of financial information affecting the types of the instruments one has decided to trade: This information is very important to enable the trader make thoughtful long term investment decisions regarding the trading instruments that are likely to be affected by the certain geographical occurrences or ideological decision.

If you are interested in online trading but you are not up to date with the above factors, you should give it a break or else be ready for the disappointment when things run out of hand but you do not find yourself in the position to control them, ending up to lose all your initial investment.

Check here for more information

The new strategy to make a living by blogging has unlimited earning potential

Are you one of those desperate online workers who are still searching for the reliable online jobs that you will be guaranteed for the rewards equal to your efforts invested without any fee?

If you happen to be interested in making a living by blogging while working from the comfort of your home without hassles and tussles, then be my guest as I take you through a short guide that will change the way you view blogging.

Now that the internet/ digital world has evolved to make the online working a reliable jobs option, blogging has not been left behind either even though some think that blogging has now been declared obsolete by the coming of micro blogging platforms that have come up with the revenue-sharing strategy to bring together the online writers who work both as the readers as well as the content creators and share a predetermined percentage of the earnings accrued through ads.

With the blog-sharing systems that some blogging gurus have devised, that exist on large and growing platforms such as blogjob for example, Sign up here, one can be able to earn a living by just posting unlimited number of posts per day depending on how quick the writer can create engaging posts that can meet the site rules. And be able to earn through the 50 points rewarded per post, which can be equated to $0.5 dollar per post, in case of the blogger is focusing on redeeming upon reaching 10000 points, besides the passively generated earnings in case the author has a monetized the sites.

Assuming that one is a full time blogger, you can also collect some more earnings based on the active participation on blogjob whereby, you can reply to others’ posts, forum discussions, updating the wall, uploading pictures as well as making new friends.
Just as the welcome page to blog job promises, it all depends on the activity the user is able to create and share quality posts as quickly as possible with the interest of the readers in his mind.

How the retweeting feature has created unlimited earning potential for me as an online publisher

As an online publisher, one is able to earn from the published posts based on the views/ clicks/ impressions attracted to the ads placed on the site pages as long as the writer has monetized his site by registering under the partnership agreement with the online advertisers.

To ensure that the blog posts submitted attract the targeted traffic, the publisher is supposed to promote the links to his site by sharing the links to social media sites, which play a very great role in attracting the reads.

One of the social media sites that I have come to find very reliable is twitter besides the face book pinterest, Google+ LinkedIn etc. That is if one has a very active account and actively participating followers who really know the benefits to be accrued from twitter.
The retweeting feature on twitter is one of the inventions that is used to the maximum, it has unlimited potential that can connect all the targeted traffic to the site and boost the performance of the site to the extent that the publisher can derive a lot of earnings from the site.

For example, according to the last week’s twitter e-mail report I received from twitter, it shows that I was able to earn more than $10 dollars passively. The details of the report shows that though I still have less than 1000 followers, most of the views and clicks that originated from twitter came from the retweets by some of my followers.

This can be broken down in this manner, assuming that you have 10 followers with over 1000 followers who have retweeted your tweet- which is a link to your site post. 10 of the followers of your followers retweet the links to their 1000 followers and the circle continues to the 10th generation of sharing through retweeting.

If you can do this simple math very accurately, you can see how this endless chain can attract traffic to your posts beyond the targeted performance, provided that all your tweets are the shares from your posts that are monetized whether through adsense, chitika and other reputable online ad network companies.

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