Month: October 2014

She ended up crippled for chasing unrealistic dreams only to end up as a slave

This is the true story of a woman who ended up as a cripple after getting herself in Saudi Arabia with the dream of landing a very good job but instead found out that it was just a trap that had led her to become a slave with no way to find her way home.

According to her own recollection, she realized that she had to fight her way out of the well-guarded building where she was to take care of several dogs as well as the dog owners, who claimed that she had been bought and so she did not have any right to anything other than follow the orders given.

Since all her identification documents had been taken away, she had very few chances of escaping and getting herself any decent job in the foreign country she had dreamt of, but still she had to find herself out no matter what happened later as long as she doesn’t die there as a slave while she left her little children back in Kenya promising them a very good life when she landed the dream job.

Since the doors to the building were heavily guarded and she knew that there was no chance she would escape through alive, she decided to jump through the back window all the way down from the fourth floor, breaking her leg. But with the determination of the wounded lion, she had slowly as her good leg could carry her through the darkness, and managed to reach the nearest police station where she found assistance.

At the police station, she met other Kenyans who had ended up in the same predicament but were also seeking assistance to have their way back to Kenya. The police had connected them to the Kenyan embassy in Saudi Arabia and later flown back home to tell the touching story.

Unfortunately, this is just one out of thousands of untold stories about how the unsuspecting Kenyans and citizens from other African countries have ended up as slaves in Dubai and Saudi Arabia, and even tortured to death there.

The mistake of identifying the thug caused his death

It is a common belief in my country that the robber is likely to murder the victim in case he recognizes the bandit while robbing him.
This belief was confirmed a while ago in my place of residence where one person was robbed and killed by unknown robbers who have been a terror in the neighbourhood for a long time, especially to the late comers from their work.

It is alleged by those who witnessed the killing, that the deceased was able to identify one of his robbers and went on to mention his name in a frustrated shout. According to the witness, the robbers would have left him to live if only he had not shouted the name of one of them, because they were leaving with his valuables; the phone and cash, when he shouted, ”Jack, so this is what you do for a living?”

The thug is said to have turned and fired the gun in the direction of the victim, the bullet caught him in the chest, killing him instantly as they escaped into darkness.
Another worst situation believed to be not easy for a victim to be left alive after the robbery incident is when the robber confronts the victim knowing very well who the victim is and even boasts before the victim explaining to him that the robbery victim is not dreaming, but it is true it is him doing what he does in the dark.

To escape such encounter with the robbers, one has to fight his way out using the survival instinct else, the thug will be trying to kill you in order to cover up for his identity without the second thought. Provided you are caught up in such situation, there is no need to beg for the remorse from the bandits, instead fight to die trying because you got no choice.

The mechanic, the witchcraft and the electronics repairers have a lot in common

If you happen to have at any time in your life dealt with any or all of the above professionals, then you may not be wondering very much as to how the three can have anything in common. The fact is that, all the above named technicians always magnify any problem that is brought before them by their clients so that when they can overcharge them upon fixing it.

Take for instance, the car mechanic; when the customer comes to him with the car problem. Even if the problem is just to sand paper the rust out of the battery terminals so that the car starter can function as expected, the mechanic can spot the problem with one glance, but he doesn’t go straight to it and fix it. Instead the customer will have to give him time to go under the vehicle and fumble with several parts making it look as if he was really fixing several things under the car. After ensuring that he has convinced the customer, he goes straight to the source of the problem and it only takes him a few minutes to fix it.

The moment he confirms to the car owner that the vehicle is fully fixed, he demands a very huge fee claiming that he had a lot to fix and it could have even cost more if it were another mechanic, who would charge according to the time spent to fix the car.

The electronics repairer on the other hand can charge for the replaced device parts he did not include in fixing the electronic device so that he can charge more from the customer who do not even understand the names of the device parts and their market price.

The witchcraft is just crafty as his name spells, he can charge the customer any amount of money for his services since the customer cannot be able to cost the services given.

5 reasons why many blogjob users find it hard to write blog posts

In the short period that I have been the member on blogjob, I have come to learn several issues surrounding the low activity in submitting blogposts, the fact that must have prompted the admin to reduce the reward points in some of the sections about using the site.
Here are some of the points which I managed to gather, that seemed to derail my activity on blogjob as well;

Thinking about complex topics to share about: I used to think about complex things that I wished to create posts about and yet I could not come up with enough content about them, and thus ending up not making any progress at all.

Procrastinating: This is the main impeding factor to any blogger, always postponing to write a post about a certain topic, expecting to do so at a later date, ending up to pile up everything.

Using more time than necessary to interact: I personally had and still have this problem; I find myself devoting most my online time on blogjob interacting with other members on the site, motivated by the few points earned, when I should have used the same time to compose several posts for my blogjob sites.

Coming up with topics that you have no enough facts/information about- Of course many of the writers can agree with me that one will always get stuck in the middle of the sentence if he has limited information about the topic that he/she is addressing.

Self-dismissal- sometimes, we writers might have great content to blog about, but we refrain from posting about them in fear of what others/ readers will think about us.

I am learning to let go of the few above weaknesses and believe that if anyone can consider this information addressed in this post and respond positively about it, he/she is going to emerge as one of the greatest blogger both on blogjob and the internet world.

Oh no! bubblews has done it again, another blow to the site devoted users

First, if you happen to be new to the site bubblews, let me get you through a quick introduction to the site.
Bubblews is one of the most trusted legit revenue-sharing macro-blogging sites where writers are paid 50% of the ads revenue earned by the site. The users are supposed to adhere to a few site rules just like any other social site in order to get paid after redeeming the points for the cash.

Normally, the users would cash out after attaining the minimum threshold of $50 dollars at any time and wait for the payment processing period of up to a month, but recently extended to 35 days before the e-check notification is received to the users’ paypal account confirming the payment from bubblews.

Recently, as many users of bubblews were patiently waiting in frustration for the payments that seemed to be taking longer than the expected period and from not receiving response to their follow up e-mails to bubblews support team regarding the statuses of the payments, they finally received the disappointing update statement from the support team through the latest post.

The update stated that the waiting period from the redemption date to the actual payment day has been extended to 60-90 days for the international users, making it clear that the users based in USA, UK and Canada are not to be affected by the new payment period policy, as well as the international users who have been loyal members to the site for a long period of time.

In their post, the support team says that they have come up with the decision, in order to have enough time to fight the users who have been abusing the site, especially the plagiarizers and those cheating the system.

This update has killed the morale of some bubblers who find the policy somehow discriminatory to the international users who should now decide between staying patient or quit. Though some do not have a problem waiting, they are not sure if they would get the payment afterwards, since many are still facing the problem of delayed payments to date.

Most of the successful online CFD/ forex traders once lost their all initial investments

Trading in financial instruments whether through online trading platforms or the normal stock markets is a risk and therefore, there is no guarantee of making consistent gains by even the most experienced traders in the industry.

Every trader who invests his finances in online trading sites is always warned against the risks his investment is exposed to and it is assumed that one is ready to lose all the invested amount of money by the time he/she accepts the terms of use and makes his investment.

This is the point at which financial trading is seen as a gamble whereby the outcome is uncertain and is based on the factors beyond control which might result in the end that can be against the trader or in favour of him.

Based on my experience in financial trading on etoro, the largest online trading platform in the world with over 2 million members, I have come to notice based on the performance history of the popular investors/traders in their open book portfolio, they once lost all their initial investment but did not give up. Instead, they learnt the lessons out of their mistakes and gained confidence in trading with the view to cover up for the lost funds and change their trading strategy to trade safely by minimizing the level of risk.

Out of their persistence, patience and optimism that their success has been born from, one can learn that forex trading is not always about winning, but instead it is about how to reduce the risk and be able to earn constant gains in the long run by cutting the losses if one happens to make a wrong move.

As a dedicated online trader, one has to bear in mind that where there gain, there is also the risk attached but just expect the uncertain future market conditions to change in the favour of your investments. If you are interested in knowing more about online trading, click here to learn more.

The funny business idea that can be lucrative anyway

I live in a country where dog meat and donkey meat is not fit for human consumption, though it is known to be very much permitted and edible elsewhere.

In Nairobi, which is my city residence right now, there happen to exist the street dogs, fattened by the left over foods found in the dustbins and garbage collection areas. Once in a while, the rogue businessmen get in the news for serving the residents the illegal dog meat that find its way to the meat stores through the back door.

Since those astray dogs belong to nobody, any selfish and uncaring businessman can try his chance at trapping and butchering the unsuspecting animals and sell their meat along with the beef to unsuspecting residents, and take it as the business opportunity to make a massive profit without caring about the welfare of his customers.

The weird business idea, based on my business-mindedness is that; what if someone came up with the dog meat export business to venture into the business of butchering the street dogs and processing their meat for export to the countries where the dog meat is not against the law as long as their meat is confirmed to be fit for human consumption by the accredited government health officer.

Such business opportunity can serve very many purposes to the nation as well as to the city environment. A part from creating job opportunities to the residents, there will also emerge a group of youths who will hunt down the unwanted street dogs and sell them off to the dog meat manufacturer at a lower price hence making a living out of it.

As the result, the city will be cleaned of the mess brought about by these dogs, like for example; a child in my neighbourhood was hospitalized recently after getting bitten by the astray dog, the incident which cost his parents over $60 dollars.

Accurate timing about when to get in and out of the game is the main weapon for the copy trader

If you are new to the term copy trader and yet you are interested in learning something new about online trading, then allow me to introduce you to the modernized form of day trading where no forex skill/ training is a necessity for someone to become a successful currency/ CFD trader, doing it all by the click of his computer mouse, or even a smart phone, for those who like mobility.

The term copy trader means the trader who conducts his online trading by simply copying other experienced traders on etoro online trading platform after vetting their trading portfolio found in the openbook and having trust in the past performance of the trader expecting to gain profits based on the equity invested.

But one does not have to be a complete novice and end up copying other traders blindly without remembering that the experienced traders make mistakes too, and only one big mistake can make one lose all the invested amount of money within very short time, unless a corrective measure is not taken at the right time to cut the losses.

One of the basic skills a copier has to learn in order to have reliable trading performance in the long run and earn some gains on his initial investment is to know when to stop copying the other trader and resuming to. This is where the ‘PAUSE COPYING’ and ‘STOP COPYING’ features on etoro become invaluable.

PAUSE COPYING: Is a feature in eToro open book that enables the copier to pause copying the trades to be opened later by the main trader when the copier wishes to reduce the risk of losing incase the market goes the wrong way.

STOP COPYING: this feature allows the copier to close all the trades opened in his account as the duplicate of those of the main trader.

Before you jump into the risky world of stock/currency trading, ensure that you know what you can do to reduce the losses in case of the noticeable bad mistake by the trader you are copying.

If interested sign up here to be awarded a bonus of $50 dollars to start trading with for free.Feel free to copy some of the popular investors on etoro.

How can such a misleading cult belief be allowed to manifest in the modern society?

We have woken up to a shocking news about a group of a certain religious denomination that caused a lot of trouble to a certain medical centre in Naivasha, a town in the outskirts of Nairobi city in Kenya.

The group of the religious believers is said to have caused a lot of trouble to the medics/ health officers following the decision of the mother of 14 year old child who happened to profess the same faith to take the sick child to the medical center to seek treatment, which was against the beliefs of the denomination.

The hospital security had to call for police assistance to disperse the angry group of the troublemakers as well as arrested some of them to be charged in court for public nuisance and meddling with the medical rights of the poor child.

The mother of the kid was also later arrested for associating with the African cult that has misleading beliefs regarding medical treatment, claiming that the sick could be just healed by prayers as well as their special healing methods.

What has shocked me here is how such a misleading cult be allowed to continue misleading the unsuspecting people in this digital times.

Another thing that I have found so surprising is how such a misleading religious group with misleading teachings be able to recruit its followers from the society dominated by educated people who can make their religious decisions based on their general understanding of life and their rights in the society.

No wonder this is why even the terror groups can recruit their followers from amongst our neighbours and friends as long as they can be made to belief certain benefits of the movement that they would reap, or even worse threaten the victims based on the favours awarded in advance.

Can this also be classified under the human rights to religion?

The road to success is before you but only that you expect too much

If you looked closely to the history of some of the successful persons, you will find that the road that they took to their current success was just amongst the things others were doing, only that they focused more efforts in the area at the right time resulting in escalation from the crowd.

According to the speech by one of the successful persons in my country who is my role model, he stated that it all starts with spotting the opportunity before you and acting in the right direction as well as exerting reasonable efforts in the venture, and success will come towards you no matter what your competitors do to stop it.

We all see things from different angles and that is why someone else can be able spot gold out of the quarry others are mining stones and even take away with it without those focused in the stone mining noticing it, only to be surprised by his achievements later when he has been propelled out of the crowd above everyone else.

The life is itself a puzzle with millions of solutions arrived at from different directions by use of numerous means that justify the human needs and desires.
The hardest stage to success is the initial stage, that is, spotting the opportunity that others have not, out of many options and maximizing your efforts in the area of interest with the vision to outperform everyone who has been in the same field and did well.

This is why humans should be experienced in many things in order to come up with many options in store for the dream future and choose wisely for the option that one visionalizes the highest probability of not disappointing his target and fully focusing with the positive mindset without vacillating.

This is when you find that the path towards your success is before you only if you can change your mindset and think positively towards what you love doing.

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