Since there is the outbreak of Ebola in some parts of Africa, there are some inaccurate reports hitting the news media headlines that all African nations have been hit by the Ebola virus, and thus scaring away the potential investors as well as the tourists from foreign countries.
According to the Kenya’s president Uhuru Kenyatta’s speech a day ago, Kenya has put in place a special ieam of medical experts to look into the matter and are ready to deal with any Ebola case reported and no one should be threatened at all.

The biased Ebola reports seem to be targeting to bring down some large business corporations in Kenya and paralyze the economic developments in most parts of Kenya in commerce industry and other sectors dependent on the tourism industry.

Politicizing the issue of the Ebola spread is another backward move by some of the political enemies of Kenya’s leaders just to ensure that the current government regime fails to satisfy the nation in delivering some if not all the expected promises announced to the supporters during their campaign before the last general election.

The problem now is to assure the scared potential investors and tourists that the Ebola issue is under control and no one should run away in fear of getting infected by the deadly virus. As for those who had already cancelled their arranged visitations to Kenya for other countries upon receiving the misleading information, that would be a very heavy task to convince too.

As things stand now, if at any chance the Ebola virus is publicly reported to have been confirmed, the public panic will be out of control and just like some of the west African countries- foreigners will be fleeing for there safety to other countries, as well as ban all the flights from Kenya to other countries in the Europe and America.

I hope the media stations should uphold the required reporting standards in announcing any news about Ebola.

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