When I received my latest e-check payment from bubblews in my PayPal account, amounting to $50.49 dollars as an e-check in progress, I did not bother to take a look at its status in the PayPal account. As usual I waited for the e-mail notification for when the e-check cleared.

When I received the e-check clearance e-mail from PayPal, I went straight to Equity bank website to try to withdraw all the earnings that were in my PayPal balance, but I was very disappointed when I attempted to withdraw for several times without success, each of the times, I was notified that I had to add another credit card in order to withdraw the stated amount.

It took me a sweaty moment to realize that I was requesting the withdrawal of the amount that was more than all I had in my PayPal account balance, but determined to do so thinking that I was encountering a glitch.

Then the idea struck me, I signed in to my PayPal account in order to confirm the actual balance that was in the account only to get surprise waiting for me. The balance in the account was $49.49 dollars, though it answered the question that was eating into my brain, it also disappointed me for the unexpected increase in PayPal feel.

Before, my online earnings attracted very small fees, mostly some cents that I even never bothered to know how much I was charged to receive the payments. If the larger portion was getting charged to the sender’s account, I did not care as long as a received my income.
It felt bad to have a cut of over $1.5 dollars on the hard earned cash from the source which is never reliable.

Since there is no other online banking system to be relied on especially for the online workers Kenya besides PayPal, I will have to face it as anyone else trying to make a living online and make an extra shilling.

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