With big vehicles mounted with powerful loud speakers, you would see them moving from street to street in Nairobi environs, selling their audio or video CDs meant to shade some meant to shade light on the dark cloud surrounding the worrisome group of the damned group known as the illuminati.

Through their loudspeakers, one would hear then giving out some of the information featured in their audio/video CDs about some of the popular individuals, ranging from top government officials, to successful musicians, including even some top gospel musicians as well as popular businessmen in the country and poitical/ religious leaders, among others.

Upon hearing this, the curious residents would be seen parting with Kshs. 100 (over $1 dollar) in exchange for the cheaply written CD expecting to learn the secrets that are kept out of the public.

According to those who have had the chance to watch the given video CD, the compilation and the narrations are just based on speculation but nothing substantial at all. One claims that; based on the hands gestures by some of the music artists while performing on stage, they are linked to some of the few known symbols believed to belong to illuminati.

They also feature the video clips of some great footballers while in the field, playing and the way they celebrate after scoring a goal, linking them to the devil worshipping symbols.
All in all, it looks like a well calculated opportunity to milk the unsuspecting and curious residents of their hard-earned money, selling them nothing beneficial but rather the creation that is just meant to mislead and create false satisfaction to the public in the name of public warning and awareness against illuminati.

It is clear that some are buying such useless information through online shopping, curious to see the mystery faces of the members of the devils agents and get false satisfaction about how the suspect individuals gained power and success through the back door after surrendering their souls to Satan.

I am sure that the devil himself is always laughing at the foolish misled residents as they watch and amaze themselves by the false revelations about the mysterious group, illuminati.

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