If you didn’t believe that some worthless things can be transformed to invaluable rare items by use of just a simple trick, and then fool the whole community to believe that indeed it has to take proper measures to protect the useless item for future benefits; then let me be your host and introduce you to one true but funny story that happened in one village in Kenya.

In the year 2010 in a village in the western Kenya called Cebu, there came one strange gentleman who introduced himself to the village as a businessman who solely dealt in monkeys, he convinced the whole village to believe that he was working under the ministry of wildlife. Posing as the representative of the government, he offered to buy all of the monkeys available in the area for Kshs.20 each. ($0.3 dollars)

The villagers were happy for the profitable business opportunity and worked hard in hunting
down the monkeys and selling them off to the merchant, and he even increased the price per monkey by 100% to buy monkeys @40 Ksh. ($0.6 dollars) when the supply for the monkeys reduced to a trickle.

When the stranger trader was sure that there were no more monkeys left in the area, he sent out his assistant informing the villagers that his boss had travelled, taking with him the monkeys the villagers had sold him but would be back soon to continue buying the rare commodity, the monkeys at triple the price they were selling at.

He then offered to sell them some of the monkeys that claimed to have been put aside to sell to his boss at the expected high price when the boss returned, at a slightly lower price of Kshs 80 ($0.9 dollars)

Expectantly, the unsuspecting villagers took the hook along with the sinker, by accepting the offer and they bought all the monkeys that were available in the store of the assistant merchant.

Business closed, the mission accomplished; the assistant merchant disappeared and the village continued to keep the worthless monkeys in their homes expecting for the mystery man to come calling for the sale of monkeys.

It was too late to realize that it was all a trick and they were the same worthless monkeys they had sold off that had been bought back at a higher price.

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