Increased cases of underage pregnancies among the pupils in primary schools in the western Kenya are believed to be encouraged by both parents and teachers. This can be confirmed by the reactions of some of the teachers and parents when dealing with the similar case.

Recently, it was announced in the news that there was a primary school in the western parts of Kenya, in Bungoma County, in which there were 8 confirmed cases of underage pregnancy which involved the girls who were the candidates to the national exam KCPE, the exam meant for the transition from the primary school to the secondary school.

According to the chief, it was confirmed that when such incident occurred in the area, the parents of the impregnated girls do not take any serious legal action against the men responsible. Instead they just request for the letter from the school headmaster to be used as the weapon to rely on in negotiations for the pride price before the suspected men responsible.

The chief also wondered why a sane parent would jump up and down in jubilation when her
daughter who is underage gave birth to her grandchild, and she was very happy to celebrate her becoming a grandma, when she would be sorry about the whole thing if she really cared about her child’s future.

The general observation shows that the whole society in the area is being controlled by greed and thus the culprits are free to roam around destroying the future of the innocent girls who are yet to understand their role in life, and yet buy their way out by paying off the offended parents who end up sweeping everything under the carpet.

This confirmation makes the fight against the underage pregnancy more complicated, since the teachers and the parents- the people who are expected to be on the forefront in discouraging it are instead promoting it, by being selfish.

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