You know you are in the wrong place when you find that everyone else is contented by the things you find out of place and wish them improved or rectified.

Such situation will make one realize that he deserves a better place and he has landed in the wrong place where everyone does not see anything wrong according to his/her understanding.
It also means that one will not get support from others in his fight to improve the situation and the only way out is to look for a place with people with similar interests and level of understanding.

Some people fail to notice this simple but complex thing, ending up to fight the battle that they cannot win since the it is always like a tug of war where the competing side has equal number of participants with your side and yet some of those on your side are pushing instead of pulling on the rope.

Similar situation is happening in my life whereby I can see that the landlady we have is using her power to mistreat the tenants who do not see it as being denied their rights, instead they think it is her mandate to decide anything including changing the plot rules without notice.

Recently, she started rationing the water, whereby she is allowing the use of water only three days in a week and thus this is a threat for some tenants who have no enough water storage containers in their rooms to enable them use water as before without running out of the same before the required day.

This problem has made some tenants to move from the apartment since they could not cope with the sudden change in terms and conditions.

Even worse, the devil of the landlady does not want anyone to have a large storage tank which will hold the water to be used over a long period of time since her expectation is to restrict the use of water so that she can cut the cost of the water bill.

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