As an online publisher, one is able to earn from the published posts based on the views/ clicks/ impressions attracted to the ads placed on the site pages as long as the writer has monetized his site by registering under the partnership agreement with the online advertisers.

To ensure that the blog posts submitted attract the targeted traffic, the publisher is supposed to promote the links to his site by sharing the links to social media sites, which play a very great role in attracting the reads.

One of the social media sites that I have come to find very reliable is twitter besides the face book pinterest, Google+ LinkedIn etc. That is if one has a very active account and actively participating followers who really know the benefits to be accrued from twitter.
The retweeting feature on twitter is one of the inventions that is used to the maximum, it has unlimited potential that can connect all the targeted traffic to the site and boost the performance of the site to the extent that the publisher can derive a lot of earnings from the site.

For example, according to the last week’s twitter e-mail report I received from twitter, it shows that I was able to earn more than $10 dollars passively. The details of the report shows that though I still have less than 1000 followers, most of the views and clicks that originated from twitter came from the retweets by some of my followers.

This can be broken down in this manner, assuming that you have 10 followers with over 1000 followers who have retweeted your tweet- which is a link to your site post. 10 of the followers of your followers retweet the links to their 1000 followers and the circle continues to the 10th generation of sharing through retweeting.

If you can do this simple math very accurately, you can see how this endless chain can attract traffic to your posts beyond the targeted performance, provided that all your tweets are the shares from your posts that are monetized whether through adsense, chitika and other reputable online ad network companies.

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