Month: October 2014

I Just discovered another wonderful legit site to earn online

It is always good news when the online workers discover a new way to earn online and expand their capabilities to increase their online income through multiple streams which in turn brings about diversification and the level of earning security.

It is pleasure to share some of the online earning ways with the like-minded internet users who would like to learn earning in different ways and maximize their earning potential as well as share the good news with their friends to join in the race to the making the living online.

In my endless online search to discover the greener pastures and to add to the already existing ways that I depend on to make my extra earnings online, and to supplement or substitute the others that are about to dry up, I was able to dig up another legit reliable post-to-earn site by the name bitlanders.

This is another social site on which the users earn bitcoins from the content they share with their followers, called subscribers. The users have to login everyday to earn.

The content allowed to be posted can be anything to do with images, wall updates (called micro-blogs), blogs, as well as videos. The content can also be shared to facebook, twitter and google+ to maximize the earnings each time of posting.

The site is zero tolerant to plagiarized content and thus anyone submitting the copied content risks the user’s account getting deleted without warning.
Bitlanders also has a referral program which enables the inviting user to earn for eternity from his refferals’ activity.

Feel free to join bitlanders through this link and you stand the chance to make me your first follower (subscriber) using the face book sign up.

This site has thousands of users and has been in existence for more than 5 years, you will just wonder why you did not discover this the whole time you have been searching work online trying to make your first dollar only to end up in the hands of the scammers.

For any question, feel free to ask in the comments section. I wish you a wonderful online earning time

Inaccurate Ebola infections reports threatening tourism and economic development in Kenya

Since there is the outbreak of Ebola in some parts of Africa, there are some inaccurate reports hitting the news media headlines that all African nations have been hit by the Ebola virus, and thus scaring away the potential investors as well as the tourists from foreign countries.
According to the Kenya’s president Uhuru Kenyatta’s speech a day ago, Kenya has put in place a special ieam of medical experts to look into the matter and are ready to deal with any Ebola case reported and no one should be threatened at all.

The biased Ebola reports seem to be targeting to bring down some large business corporations in Kenya and paralyze the economic developments in most parts of Kenya in commerce industry and other sectors dependent on the tourism industry.

Politicizing the issue of the Ebola spread is another backward move by some of the political enemies of Kenya’s leaders just to ensure that the current government regime fails to satisfy the nation in delivering some if not all the expected promises announced to the supporters during their campaign before the last general election.

The problem now is to assure the scared potential investors and tourists that the Ebola issue is under control and no one should run away in fear of getting infected by the deadly virus. As for those who had already cancelled their arranged visitations to Kenya for other countries upon receiving the misleading information, that would be a very heavy task to convince too.

As things stand now, if at any chance the Ebola virus is publicly reported to have been confirmed, the public panic will be out of control and just like some of the west African countries- foreigners will be fleeing for there safety to other countries, as well as ban all the flights from Kenya to other countries in the Europe and America.

I hope the media stations should uphold the required reporting standards in announcing any news about Ebola.

I had a hard time withdrawing my cash before realizing that PayPal had increased the fees

When I received my latest e-check payment from bubblews in my PayPal account, amounting to $50.49 dollars as an e-check in progress, I did not bother to take a look at its status in the PayPal account. As usual I waited for the e-mail notification for when the e-check cleared.

When I received the e-check clearance e-mail from PayPal, I went straight to Equity bank website to try to withdraw all the earnings that were in my PayPal balance, but I was very disappointed when I attempted to withdraw for several times without success, each of the times, I was notified that I had to add another credit card in order to withdraw the stated amount.

It took me a sweaty moment to realize that I was requesting the withdrawal of the amount that was more than all I had in my PayPal account balance, but determined to do so thinking that I was encountering a glitch.

Then the idea struck me, I signed in to my PayPal account in order to confirm the actual balance that was in the account only to get surprise waiting for me. The balance in the account was $49.49 dollars, though it answered the question that was eating into my brain, it also disappointed me for the unexpected increase in PayPal feel.

Before, my online earnings attracted very small fees, mostly some cents that I even never bothered to know how much I was charged to receive the payments. If the larger portion was getting charged to the sender’s account, I did not care as long as a received my income.
It felt bad to have a cut of over $1.5 dollars on the hard earned cash from the source which is never reliable.

Since there is no other online banking system to be relied on especially for the online workers Kenya besides PayPal, I will have to face it as anyone else trying to make a living online and make an extra shilling.

Fake devil worship testimonies claiming to create public awareness serve a different purpose

Since the realization of the devil worshipping in some parts of Kenya some years ago, there have been a lot of fear mounted in the public about the capabilities of the members of the dark world and theories about how to identify them from among the members of the public so that they can avoid falling the victims of their traps.

Based on those theories, some opportunistic individuals have come out posing as the former members of the bloody group, trying to explain to the general public about how they were lucky to have been saved by the blood of Jesus Christ and sent out to warn the general public from ending up the same way.

In order to make their claims more profitable, some of them have come up with audio CDs, or books narrating how they were used by Lucifer himself to destroy the church by misleading the worshippers by use of the money financed from the sea.

In their narrations, they describe how they moved from one place to another by use of magical powers and could deliver the required message to the expected places within no time, cause trouble to the targeted places and celebrate the resulting damage, which could range from road accidents to building collapse.

In one of such audio CDs, one testified to have been behind the torching of a certain boarding high school in which over 100 students burnt to death in their dormitories, and the cause of fire suspected to have resulted from the electric fault.

Recently, there is another video CD release that is selling like hot cake, in which the narrator tries to shade light to the public about how some successful leaders, businessmen and musicians are using the power from the dark world of devil worshipping to enrich themselves.
Since there is no real prove to show that such individuals once in their history worked as the agents of the devil, it is hard to believe that any part of their stories is true, other than just a made up story to get the easy money out of the unsuspecting curious people who either lack faith in the true God or lack knowledge about the truth.

It is all but the art of making money out of the illuminati public awareness

With big vehicles mounted with powerful loud speakers, you would see them moving from street to street in Nairobi environs, selling their audio or video CDs meant to shade some meant to shade light on the dark cloud surrounding the worrisome group of the damned group known as the illuminati.

Through their loudspeakers, one would hear then giving out some of the information featured in their audio/video CDs about some of the popular individuals, ranging from top government officials, to successful musicians, including even some top gospel musicians as well as popular businessmen in the country and poitical/ religious leaders, among others.

Upon hearing this, the curious residents would be seen parting with Kshs. 100 (over $1 dollar) in exchange for the cheaply written CD expecting to learn the secrets that are kept out of the public.

According to those who have had the chance to watch the given video CD, the compilation and the narrations are just based on speculation but nothing substantial at all. One claims that; based on the hands gestures by some of the music artists while performing on stage, they are linked to some of the few known symbols believed to belong to illuminati.

They also feature the video clips of some great footballers while in the field, playing and the way they celebrate after scoring a goal, linking them to the devil worshipping symbols.
All in all, it looks like a well calculated opportunity to milk the unsuspecting and curious residents of their hard-earned money, selling them nothing beneficial but rather the creation that is just meant to mislead and create false satisfaction to the public in the name of public warning and awareness against illuminati.

It is clear that some are buying such useless information through online shopping, curious to see the mystery faces of the members of the devils agents and get false satisfaction about how the suspect individuals gained power and success through the back door after surrendering their souls to Satan.

I am sure that the devil himself is always laughing at the foolish misled residents as they watch and amaze themselves by the false revelations about the mysterious group, illuminati.

Too late to realize that it was all but the monkey business trick, sad to be funny

If you didn’t believe that some worthless things can be transformed to invaluable rare items by use of just a simple trick, and then fool the whole community to believe that indeed it has to take proper measures to protect the useless item for future benefits; then let me be your host and introduce you to one true but funny story that happened in one village in Kenya.

In the year 2010 in a village in the western Kenya called Cebu, there came one strange gentleman who introduced himself to the village as a businessman who solely dealt in monkeys, he convinced the whole village to believe that he was working under the ministry of wildlife. Posing as the representative of the government, he offered to buy all of the monkeys available in the area for Kshs.20 each. ($0.3 dollars)

The villagers were happy for the profitable business opportunity and worked hard in hunting
down the monkeys and selling them off to the merchant, and he even increased the price per monkey by 100% to buy monkeys @40 Ksh. ($0.6 dollars) when the supply for the monkeys reduced to a trickle.

When the stranger trader was sure that there were no more monkeys left in the area, he sent out his assistant informing the villagers that his boss had travelled, taking with him the monkeys the villagers had sold him but would be back soon to continue buying the rare commodity, the monkeys at triple the price they were selling at.

He then offered to sell them some of the monkeys that claimed to have been put aside to sell to his boss at the expected high price when the boss returned, at a slightly lower price of Kshs 80 ($0.9 dollars)

Expectantly, the unsuspecting villagers took the hook along with the sinker, by accepting the offer and they bought all the monkeys that were available in the store of the assistant merchant.

Business closed, the mission accomplished; the assistant merchant disappeared and the village continued to keep the worthless monkeys in their homes expecting for the mystery man to come calling for the sale of monkeys.

It was too late to realize that it was all a trick and they were the same worthless monkeys they had sold off that had been bought back at a higher price.

Only uncaring and ignorant parent can celebrate this as an achievement

Increased cases of underage pregnancies among the pupils in primary schools in the western Kenya are believed to be encouraged by both parents and teachers. This can be confirmed by the reactions of some of the teachers and parents when dealing with the similar case.

Recently, it was announced in the news that there was a primary school in the western parts of Kenya, in Bungoma County, in which there were 8 confirmed cases of underage pregnancy which involved the girls who were the candidates to the national exam KCPE, the exam meant for the transition from the primary school to the secondary school.

According to the chief, it was confirmed that when such incident occurred in the area, the parents of the impregnated girls do not take any serious legal action against the men responsible. Instead they just request for the letter from the school headmaster to be used as the weapon to rely on in negotiations for the pride price before the suspected men responsible.

The chief also wondered why a sane parent would jump up and down in jubilation when her
daughter who is underage gave birth to her grandchild, and she was very happy to celebrate her becoming a grandma, when she would be sorry about the whole thing if she really cared about her child’s future.

The general observation shows that the whole society in the area is being controlled by greed and thus the culprits are free to roam around destroying the future of the innocent girls who are yet to understand their role in life, and yet buy their way out by paying off the offended parents who end up sweeping everything under the carpet.

This confirmation makes the fight against the underage pregnancy more complicated, since the teachers and the parents- the people who are expected to be on the forefront in discouraging it are instead promoting it, by being selfish.

Online forex trading is for the patient not the greedy

Forex is not for the greedy. By being greedy, one is bound to lose more especially when he invests in a trade that performs well and closes it with good gains, whereby he can become convinced that he/she would have made more if he invested a lot, ending up to invest all his money in the market which ends up going the wrong way and lose everything.

For example; imagine you have opened a trade with $40 dollars with the high leverage of about 400%. The market moves in favour of your trades, and within a few hours, you close your trades in a gain of over $200 dollars, over five times the original equity invested.

Full of the winning excitement plus greed, driven by the urge to make more money as well as imagining, or wondering what if you had initially invested $200 dollars.

After doing your math about the possibilities of having made over $1000 dollars in case you invested $200 dollars within the same period of time, and thus you reach the final decision of making a killer investment.

You end up making the investment of all the equity in your trading account. At first, things look good but only for a short period of time. Then suddenly, the financial investment news is received on the online trading platform you are trading on. The trading trends change and before you act, you find that all your money has been lost to the trading platform.

This is the exact picture that I am seeing on etoro, the largest online trading platform in the world, whereby most of the traders who achieve to belong to the popular investors group do not shine for long without blowing their investment account and going back to the drawing board to revise their trading strategy and come back to try their luck trading cautiously.

Online trading is like gambling and that is why there is a warning not to invest the amount of money not ready to lose.

Sometimes, it is better to stay away from forex trading than risk everything

The reality of forex is winning or losing, nobody can dispute that.

The general winning trick about online CFD trading is in the right timing of when to open and close trades by ensuring that your trades operate within the margin of safety with the minimized risk, but expecting a big gain.

There are times when the traders can be certain about the market trends and that would be the right time to open trades investing in the CFD instruments with well determined market movement in favour of the trades involved.

But there also exist the times when that market trends are so uncertain and anyone expects the market to move in any direction without warning, meaning that it would result in a loss or a gain depending on the trades opened by the trader.
For example, assuming one has opened the sell positions on a certain instrument, he would have
the winning trades if the currency pair involved loses value and there happens the downward movement of several pips.

The opposite would happen if the currency pair one is holding open gains in value and there occurs the upward movement in the currency exchange rate, whereby unless the trader acts quick to cut the losses, the movement would hit the stop loss and the trader will lose all the investment involved.

On etoro, the largest online trading platform where most of the traders trade by copying the successful traders whose trading strategy can be relied on based on the past performance of the trader as it can all be seen on the trader’s OpenBook.

It is very hard to place the full reliance on any good trader, since there are very few traders who can consistently close the trades in winning positions for long without getting caught up in the storm when the market trends act against the trades opened and force the trader to either close the positions in loss.

So it is better for some traders who are wise enough to avoid trading in uncertain times rather than open trade positions and end up losing everything to the market.

You know you are in the wrong place when…

You know you are in the wrong place when you find that everyone else is contented by the things you find out of place and wish them improved or rectified.

Such situation will make one realize that he deserves a better place and he has landed in the wrong place where everyone does not see anything wrong according to his/her understanding.
It also means that one will not get support from others in his fight to improve the situation and the only way out is to look for a place with people with similar interests and level of understanding.

Some people fail to notice this simple but complex thing, ending up to fight the battle that they cannot win since the it is always like a tug of war where the competing side has equal number of participants with your side and yet some of those on your side are pushing instead of pulling on the rope.

Similar situation is happening in my life whereby I can see that the landlady we have is using her power to mistreat the tenants who do not see it as being denied their rights, instead they think it is her mandate to decide anything including changing the plot rules without notice.

Recently, she started rationing the water, whereby she is allowing the use of water only three days in a week and thus this is a threat for some tenants who have no enough water storage containers in their rooms to enable them use water as before without running out of the same before the required day.

This problem has made some tenants to move from the apartment since they could not cope with the sudden change in terms and conditions.

Even worse, the devil of the landlady does not want anyone to have a large storage tank which will hold the water to be used over a long period of time since her expectation is to restrict the use of water so that she can cut the cost of the water bill.

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