As the most popular online trading platform with over 2 million members, etoro is one of the most trusted and reliable online trading system with unlimited earning potential and minimized risk for those who really know how to trade. You can click this link to learn more. And even sign up through the link to earn you a bonus of $50 dollars to be used for trading.

According to etoro’s platform, one doesn’t need to be a professional or undergo a special training in stock or forex trading in order to venture in trading with guaranteed gains. It is called tapping in the wisdom of other traders, just like sitting on the passenger seat with full trust in getting to your destination based on the skill of the driver.
With the etoro’s copytrader feature, even a novice can trade by just simply copying the trades of those traders who have mastered the game and having vetted them according to their reliable trading history as seen in their openbook.

Using the open book on etoro, one can be able to learn several things, the general performances of the top performing traders as well as be able to chat with the traders that one has the interest in copying them, just same as navigating on face book or blogjob.

One can also monitor the strategies being employed by other traders and mirror his trades based on the work of the other traders without struggling to work the market about where to invest one’s money with the expectation of a gain.

A part from the gains to be derived from the trades, the traders have the opportunity to earn $100 dollars for every referral that they invite to the site as well as a bonus for those traders who qualify as the popular investor; this is based on the number of the copiers who are following the trader.

Be warned! As much as there is unlimited potential in online trading, there also exists a very high risk of making high losses due to the leverage applied by the traders on the platform where a trader can end up losing more than the amount of money invested if he doesn’t act first to arrest the situation when the market goes the wrong way.

It is advisable to take the time and gauge the traders well before investing your money in their trades. You can also begin by trading in practice mode using the virtual funds that are free to use before you get the hang of it and interest to trade with real money.

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