Month: September 2014

How wrong was I to think that the highest earning online writers belonged to bubblews, now see what I discovered

This is not a blog post to defame bubblews, in fact bubblews remains my most favourite site in my online writing and earning world. Where anyone who know some Basic English can earn by posting any articles he finds interesting to share with the online community, provided he can adhere to some simple rules, just like anywhere else. But the violation of which would cost all the hard-earned income.
I have personaly been a writer on bubblews for over a year now, and it happens to be my best online writing revenue-share site until I came to realize that there are other wonderful sites out there with interesting features too that can enable a serious user to earn an astounding amount of income, by just doing what we normally do for fun on face book, twitter, pinterest and many other social sites popular around the globe.
While on bubblews, it was not rare to see the cases of unpaid redemptions, under which I was a victim myself for several times, but I never gave up since I believed that I might have broken some rules and I would be careful next time- the thing which worked sometimes based on luck, and that was just part of the game.
A while ago, when bubblews was down and having some glitches here and there, I decided to have a search for another online resort where I would put more of my online eggs, and guess what? My search ended here, blogjob, a site in which I have confirmed that some of the users are able to earn up to $1000 dollars in a month, the thing next to impossible to a serious bubbler.
I have come to see that this site has all the features and the earning potential that I was searching for all over the internet and I have found it to be my new face book.
It is here that I have learnt other unlimited ways to earn online like never before by doing exactly what I was used to doing on my face book.
The interesting thing about this discovery is that I just stumbled upon the information about it on PostAnyArticle (PAA), my other writing site which I rarely blog on.
I look forward to boost my online earning opportunity by combining both sites with equal efforts and see if I will be able to earn a living by blogging the easier way

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