Interesting drives

You will see plenty of deer as you drive on the road through Bandipur Tiger reserve.
Here is a big herd of deer. We didnt stop as it is advisable not to stop on these roads and also the 2 other cars had stopped close to the herd and we didnt want to scare them away.

Its difficult to capture the true awesomeness of watching a big tusker elephant fairly closeby – a biker signs to me stating somethingis just down the road and we find it easy to spot this elephant

We were returning from Wild Planet resort and part of the drive took us through the edges of the Bandipur Tiger reserve. The lush greenery was lovely. We also spotted many deer, peacock and elephants – you can see a few in this footage.

The final stretch of the road to the parking lot at Wild Planet Jungle Resort is unpaved dirt road, but its patiently drivable in any car. Be prepared to reverse when someone comes in the opposite direction. This is a narrow hilly road, but the stay at the resort is worth it. From the parking lot, they take you in a 4 wheel drive vehicle to the actual resort which is a bumpy ride!

On the return journey, I almost drove off the hill as I took the wrong ‘exit’ before I went out through the gate. The bumpy dirt road is narrow. I also had to reverse to let a car past. Quite a nice little adventure