Bad roads

The final stretch of the road to the parking lot at Wild Planet Jungle Resort is unpaved dirt road, but its patiently drivable in any car. Be prepared to reverse when someone comes in the opposite direction. This is a narrow hilly road, but the stay at the resort is worth it. From the parking lot, they take you in a 4 wheel drive vehicle to the actual resort which is a bumpy ride!

On the return journey, I almost drove off the hill as I took the wrong ‘exit’ before I went out through the gate. The bumpy dirt road is narrow. I also had to reverse to let a car past. Quite a nice little adventure

You’d think that slow speed on rough roads would make it easy to stop if the truck in front of you slowed. This car was tailgating the truck at speeds of about 30-40 KMPH and almost failed to brake on time when the truck abruptly slowed at a bump. You can see the puff of smoke as his wheels lock and the tire skids. I kept a very safe distance and barely needed to slow down for this.

Following Google maps is not always a good option. I was driving from Vellore to Yercaud and it instructed me to turn off before reaching Salem and took me on a route through Danishpet. This was the worst road I have driven in. Narrow, broken, lonely and probably dangerous. The scenery at times is great, but I wouldn’t advice this route at all!

A few clips from the dash cam as we drove down from Yercaud. This is the Yercaud – Salem Ghat road which we took on our way to Vellore via Salem, Dharmapuri. This route is a bit longer but way better than the other Ghat road that we took to climb up to Yercaud.