The Party Dream

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Thursday, 11.2.17

I couldn’t sleep much last night because I just laid in bed, thinking about different stuff and how I plan to accomplish each thing. But I eventually went into deep sleep and woke up after 1 pm, noticing Gumby was sitting by me on my bed. I immediately noticed the dream I was having all morning, which was actually really weird. What else is new?

In this dream, I was at a big event, just wandering around amidst the crowd, checking out things. It seems like a cultural event, although the crowd looked American. I stop by a table and ask a blonde girl what she was drinking because her drink looks interesting. She chuckled and smirked, as she mumbled something that sounded like Ginger-something, which appeared to be a liquor drink. She looked like she was drinking shots because she was drinking it fast, although the glass cup was normal size. She looked chubby. I just responded, “Oh,” and I walked on, kind of wanting to try it if I saw it being sold anywhere.

All of the sudden, I am sitting at a side room, which looks like a small nook lounge area, with some women, and one of the women looked like my late mother. They were sitting there and chatting together. And, I was just sitting there on the couch, looking out through the open doorway, without a door, at the crowded activity. I suddenly noticed they were doing some event or activity, like a fashion show or parade. So, I decided to get up and watch it because it was something to do. I stayed inside, but near the doorway opening to watch the show they were doing. The girl in front of me started intentionally to stand in front of me because she didn’t want me to watch for some reason. I thought whatever, and I moved to the left and right in order to watch, but she kept moving in front of me on purpose. Suddenly, she turned her head, put her nose up in the air, and started sniffing around, saying “What is that smell?” She even moved back to the other women to sniff them, but she didn’t say anything. She continued intentionally sniffing me for a little long, and I was wonder what is her fucking problem. She was starting to get on my nerves. I tried to watch the show or whatever it was, but she continued to obstruct my view on purpose.

I woke up wondering why I was at that event, what was going on, who were those people, and why this fucking girl didn’t want me watching the show or whatever they were doing. I wondered if it was a private exclusive party of some kind, although I didn’t see any signs or fees for tickets to join or watch. I think I tried to ask her if this is a a private party or what it is all about, but she refuse to answer me. Apparently, that appears to be private or something, as well. I didn’t know anything there at this party or event. So, I seemed clueless and confused about the whole situation.

I got out of bed, fed Gumby, and watched Waking Life, which is about lucid dreaming, on the indie channel. I seemed klutzy this morning, always stumbling on something and spilling something.

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