My Empty Garage with Thugs Dream

paulbr75 / Pixabay

Renateanna / Pixabay

Monday, August 21, 2017, Solar Eclipse in USA

I woke up in the morning with a weird dream. I was inside my townhouse, and I heard noises coming from the garage. I went to the laundry room, which is adjacent to the garage, and I noticed that the doorknob was missing, like someone unscrewed it off. So, I took my mobile phone and walked outside from the front door, towards my garage. I noticed three old cars, one parked inside my garage and other two close by. What happened to my car? I was shouting at the thugs to get out of my garage and I am going to call the police immediately. They left soon right away, in fear. Then, I noticed my garage was totally empty, include the garbage bins. It was like the Twilight Zone.

Then, I woke up, wondering WTF.

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