Month: June 2017

New House Dream

44833 / Pixabay

Saturday, June 17, 2017

I woke up this morning, at around 10:30 am, thinking WTF. My dream seemed shockingly strange because I wasn’t sure if it was a premonition dream or it was all just symbolism and I needed to figure out the symbolism.

It started out with me returning to my townhouse, because I was out somewhere, and when I opened the front door, I noticed that the inside was empty, old, and it had dirty walls that desperately needed to be painted. I was just standing there stunned and thinking where is all my furniture and belongings.

Then, I went to another house or townhouse to ask someone what is going on and where is all my stuff. I was frantic, calling up the association and arguing with them that everything I own is missing.

All of the sudden, I enter into my new home, which looks spacious, with white clean walls and modern eco décor, such as native plants, terrariums, and vertical pine wood paneling on the walls. I am not even sure if I moved into a new house or my old townhouse was remodeled. I just walk around stunned. It is mostly monochromatic white, with pine wood detailing, but very minimalist. I noticed some of my items, placed at different areas, inside a very spacious living room, but I don’t see my old furniture. From the living room area, I go to a narrow long hallway which has all of Gumby’s stuff—litterbox, cat food, water, and it looks all white. Suddenly, I notice a small gray mouse running into Gumby’s area and rummaging through his litterbox, food, and water. I call for Gumby to come and get the mouse. As I hear Gumby coming down, I see a squirrel come zooming inside first, almost like superman squirrel, and it captures the mouse in the litterbox and strangles it because I hear the mouse gagging and choking to death. (A rodent killing another rodent? I think I just witnessed a ghetto rodent murder inside a clean hallway alleyway of a new home? LOL)

And, at the end, of this dream, which is more like a Spiritual movie from the other world than a dream, I hear a soft voice saying “you’re free.” I am thinking to myself, free from what. Then, I wake up, thinking about this dream and trying to analyze everything.

(I wonder what the bedoom looks like because I woke up before checking out the whole house. I didn’t even go to the kitchen, bathrooms, and office space).