Month: March 2017

The Ring Dream

steven_yu / Pixabay

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

I automatically woke up at 5:55am, five minutes before my alarm clock would go off at 6am, because of a dream I had. In this dream, I was sitting on my bed, and I reached for a small box on my nightstand. I opened this small box, and there was a ring inside, which had a very gold band and two diamond stones in a tier style, and it looked like a double engagement ring. (Well, that was the feeling I got from this ring, although I am not sure what that means). I admired it and wore it on my finger, and it appeared to be the perfect size. Then, I picked up the small card, which had blue and green colors on it, and I appeared to be reading the card, although I couldn’t see any letters or writing on it, but I think it said something like, Thank you very much for everything you did. I hope love always surrounds you in your life. (Again, this was the feeling I got from seeing myself reading the card because I couldn’t really read anything in the dream, but that is what I felt I was reading in the card. I am not sure who this ring is from and what they are thanking me about, but I remember when I woke up, I glanced at my clock to notice the time is 5:55am, which is probably a message from angels and/or God.

As I analyze this dream, I felt lots of Spiritual communication. So, I think this dream was mostly Spiritually-related and connection with the other world.

Signs include:

  1. automatically waking up at 5:55am, before the alarm clock went off.
  2. ring gift with a thank you card.
  3. feeling certain things about scenes which seem Spiritual or Spiritual Communication/Connection. It was a positive feeling, but I was confused.

But when I got out of my bed and started my day, I didn’t receive anymore signs. This dream was my sign and message. Instead, I seemed to take action on ordering handles for my two espresso mokas–one i accidentally broke last week, and the other i had bought at a discount because it looked cute, but i didn’t notice it was missing a handle.