12 Important Dream Symbols

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Some symbolism in dream analysis

When you write down a dream, it will actually come true. I am not sure about that, but it sounds interesting. Since I like analyzing my own dreams, I decided to check out this video, where this man lists twelve symbolism found in people’s dreams. As I read through the following twelve symbolism, I only remember seeing five of these symbolism in my dreams.

  1. The Chase dream has to do with being nervous about something, and don’t run away from your problems.
  2. Naked dream has to do with being exposed and vulnerable.
  3. Empty Plate has to do wasting food.
  4. Flying has to do with freedom, liberation, and true potential. Entering a new territory, and overcoming obstacles and fears. New opportunities coming your way.
  5. Falling has to do with being on shaking grounds, fears, and doubting.
  6. Death dream has to with renewal, remembrance, and appreciation. It means you are transforming or changing.
  7. Dream of EX has to do with unfinished business.
  8. Adultery and affairs have to do not being happy with your current relationship.
  9. Sleep Paralysis dream has to do with anxiety to escape present moment. You need to meditate more.
  10. Pregnancy dream has to do with birthing something new in your life. Or, you might be going through some kind of change in your life.
  11. Winning Lottery or Lots of Money has to do with having more abundance in your life.
  12. You Are Lost dream has to do with finding a place called home where you belong, but you feel lost instead wandering around.

6 comments on “12 Important Dream Symbols

  1. Interesting! I have recurring dreams of tornados. I’ve been having them for years. Usually, something upsetting or difficult happens within a few days of a tornado dream. I regard it as a warning.

    • Fifi Leigh says:

      maybe tornadoes are like the being chased by someone or something dream. it might have to do with anxiety about something, and running away from something. (i am just guessing, and trying to figure it out).

  2. That’s such a cool photo too.

  3. Fifi Leigh says:

    i used it because it looked like something from a dream, surreal and artsy.

  4. I always check my dreams at DreamBible.com 😊 I dreamed I was swimming recently.

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