The Party Dream

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Thursday, 11.2.17

I couldn’t sleep much last night because I just laid in bed, thinking about different stuff and how I plan to accomplish each thing. But I eventually went into deep sleep and woke up after 1 pm, noticing Gumby was sitting by me on my bed. I immediately noticed the dream I was having all morning, which was actually really weird. What else is new?

In this dream, I was at a big event, just wandering around amidst the crowd, checking out things. It seems like a cultural event, although the crowd looked American. I stop by a table and ask a blonde girl what she was drinking because her drink looks interesting. She chuckled and smirked, as she mumbled something that sounded like Ginger-something, which appeared to be a liquor drink. She looked like she was drinking shots because she was drinking it fast, although the glass cup was normal size. She looked chubby. I just responded, “Oh,” and I walked on, kind of wanting to try it if I saw it being sold anywhere.

All of the sudden, I am sitting at a side room, which looks like a small nook lounge area, with some women, and one of the women looked like my late mother. They were sitting there and chatting together. And, I was just sitting there on the couch, looking out through the open doorway, without a door, at the crowded activity. I suddenly noticed they were doing some event or activity, like a fashion show or parade. So, I decided to get up and watch it because it was something to do. I stayed inside, but near the doorway opening to watch the show they were doing. The girl in front of me started intentionally to stand in front of me because she didn’t want me to watch for some reason. I thought whatever, and I moved to the left and right in order to watch, but she kept moving in front of me on purpose. Suddenly, she turned her head, put her nose up in the air, and started sniffing around, saying “What is that smell?” She even moved back to the other women to sniff them, but she didn’t say anything. She continued intentionally sniffing me for a little long, and I was wonder what is her fucking problem. She was starting to get on my nerves. I tried to watch the show or whatever it was, but she continued to obstruct my view on purpose.

I woke up wondering why I was at that event, what was going on, who were those people, and why this fucking girl didn’t want me watching the show or whatever they were doing. I wondered if it was a private exclusive party of some kind, although I didn’t see any signs or fees for tickets to join or watch. I think I tried to ask her if this is a a private party or what it is all about, but she refuse to answer me. Apparently, that appears to be private or something, as well. I didn’t know anything there at this party or event. So, I seemed clueless and confused about the whole situation.

I got out of bed, fed Gumby, and watched Waking Life, which is about lucid dreaming, on the indie channel. I seemed klutzy this morning, always stumbling on something and spilling something.

Lost and Confused Dream

Saturday, October 7, 2017

When I woke up this morning, I remembered my strange dream. It is about being lost and confused. In the first scene, I was sitting in my living room with a group of people. They appeared to be friends because we were all casually hanging out, watching TV, and chatting. A guy liked a tree behind me, but all I noticed is my jewelry. I don’t know why I have my jewelry downstairs. Anyway, my mind was somewhere else the whole time because I appeared absent. Maybe, I was empty.

The scene changes to downtown LA’s garment district, where I am walking around and looking for a public restroom. I don’t know which way to go and I appeared to be lost. I just stand on the sidewalk, looking around for a restroom sign. Also, my clothes, underwear, and sneakers were very tight on me, and I felt uncomfortable and fat.

As cars drive by, I notice that everyone is Hispanic.

I wake up and get ready to go to the grocery store. I also have an art gallery reception to attend later.

My Empty Garage with Thugs Dream

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Monday, August 21, 2017, Solar Eclipse in USA

I woke up in the morning with a weird dream. I was inside my townhouse, and I heard noises coming from the garage. I went to the laundry room, which is adjacent to the garage, and I noticed that the doorknob was missing, like someone unscrewed it off. So, I took my mobile phone and walked outside from the front door, towards my garage. I noticed three old cars, one parked inside my garage and other two close by. What happened to my car? I was shouting at the thugs to get out of my garage and I am going to call the police immediately. They left soon right away, in fear. Then, I noticed my garage was totally empty, include the garbage bins. It was like the Twilight Zone.

Then, I woke up, wondering WTF.

Anything Can Happen Dream

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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

I just remembered the dream that I had this morning. Or, at least, part of it.

I was driving my Beetle on a local street, in my neighborhood, and all of the sudden, I noticed that my car is running out of gas as well as has very little gas. I wonder if I could just drive to a gas station, my usual one, which is only a block away. I decided to go to the gas station to fill up. Suddenly, my car stopped, and i went to the side of the street, wondering what I will do next. As I was just sitting there, something told me just drive to the gas station. So, I turned on the key, it worked, and I just drove, but I was still scared and I was driving slowly, afraid it will suddenly stop again.

Then, I woke up. I am assuming I made it to the gas station and filled up my car, despite I was out of gas.


Maybe this dream is telling me that a miracle will happen, despite I feel otherwise about something, and I can do whatever I want to and I should just do it and not worry about anything.

As I was typing it, the song Anything Can Happen just popped into my head, and now it won’t get out.

New House Dream

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Saturday, June 17, 2017

I woke up this morning, at around 10:30 am, thinking WTF. My dream seemed shockingly strange because I wasn’t sure if it was a premonition dream or it was all just symbolism and I needed to figure out the symbolism.

It started out with me returning to my townhouse, because I was out somewhere, and when I opened the front door, I noticed that the inside was empty, old, and it had dirty walls that desperately needed to be painted. I was just standing there stunned and thinking where is all my furniture and belongings.

Then, I went to another house or townhouse to ask someone what is going on and where is all my stuff. I was frantic, calling up the association and arguing with them that everything I own is missing.

All of the sudden, I enter into my new home, which looks spacious, with white clean walls and modern eco décor, such as native plants, terrariums, and vertical pine wood paneling on the walls. I am not even sure if I moved into a new house or my old townhouse was remodeled. I just walk around stunned. It is mostly monochromatic white, with pine wood detailing, but very minimalist. I noticed some of my items, placed at different areas, inside a very spacious living room, but I don’t see my old furniture. From the living room area, I go to a narrow long hallway which has all of Gumby’s stuff—litterbox, cat food, water, and it looks all white. Suddenly, I notice a small gray mouse running into Gumby’s area and rummaging through his litterbox, food, and water. I call for Gumby to come and get the mouse. As I hear Gumby coming down, I see a squirrel come zooming inside first, almost like superman squirrel, and it captures the mouse in the litterbox and strangles it because I hear the mouse gagging and choking to death. (A rodent killing another rodent? I think I just witnessed a ghetto rodent murder inside a clean hallway alleyway of a new home? LOL)

And, at the end, of this dream, which is more like a Spiritual movie from the other world than a dream, I hear a soft voice saying “you’re free.” I am thinking to myself, free from what. Then, I wake up, thinking about this dream and trying to analyze everything.

(I wonder what the bedoom looks like because I woke up before checking out the whole house. I didn’t even go to the kitchen, bathrooms, and office space).

The Ring Dream

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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

I automatically woke up at 5:55am, five minutes before my alarm clock would go off at 6am, because of a dream I had. In this dream, I was sitting on my bed, and I reached for a small box on my nightstand. I opened this small box, and there was a ring inside, which had a very gold band and two diamond stones in a tier style, and it looked like a double engagement ring. (Well, that was the feeling I got from this ring, although I am not sure what that means). I admired it and wore it on my finger, and it appeared to be the perfect size. Then, I picked up the small card, which had blue and green colors on it, and I appeared to be reading the card, although I couldn’t see any letters or writing on it, but I think it said something like, Thank you very much for everything you did. I hope love always surrounds you in your life. (Again, this was the feeling I got from seeing myself reading the card because I couldn’t really read anything in the dream, but that is what I felt I was reading in the card. I am not sure who this ring is from and what they are thanking me about, but I remember when I woke up, I glanced at my clock to notice the time is 5:55am, which is probably a message from angels and/or God.

As I analyze this dream, I felt lots of Spiritual communication. So, I think this dream was mostly Spiritually-related and connection with the other world.

Signs include:

  1. automatically waking up at 5:55am, before the alarm clock went off.
  2. ring gift with a thank you card.
  3. feeling certain things about scenes which seem Spiritual or Spiritual Communication/Connection. It was a positive feeling, but I was confused.

But when I got out of my bed and started my day, I didn’t receive anymore signs. This dream was my sign and message. Instead, I seemed to take action on ordering handles for my two espresso mokas–one i accidentally broke last week, and the other i had bought at a discount because it looked cute, but i didn’t notice it was missing a handle.

9 Common Dream Symbolisms

Wokandapix / Pixabay

I decided to watch another video about analyzing dreams, but I forgot to video link on youtube. Anyway, this video lists 9 most common dreams that people have, and I have experienced some of these dream scenes but not all.

  1. Teeth Falling Out from Your Mouth Dream–I have had this dream a lot, and it is usually about having a fear of losing something or someone in your life. You are anxious about something.
  2. Falling in Dreams–I have had this dream a lot, as well, since I was a kid. It is usually means you might have a fear of losing something or someone, and maybe you feel you can’t control your life.
  3. Flying in a Dream–is usually about freedom, liberation, and even facing troubling obstacles on your way.
  4. Death in a Dream–has to do with having positive endings in life. Get ready for new beginnings, change and transformation.
  5. House or Houses in a dream has to do with security or insecurity. Notice how the house makes you feel and the overall ambiance.
  6. Being Chased in a dream–is another anxiety dream because you are running away from something. you need to face your fears and deal with the situation.
  7. Missing an Exam dream–I think I have had this dream before. It has to do with fear of being unprepared, and postponing or procrastinating something. Or, it might mean a delay.
  8. Water in a dream–has to do with true emotions and feelings. Notice how such water in the dream is like and how it makes you feel. Is it turbulent or calm?
  9. Naked in Public dream–has to do with having a lack of confidence, fear of being exposed, or a fear of the truth coming out.

The Visitor At the Party Dream

Sunday, February 12, 2017

I woke up at around 9am, and I remembered that I had another strange dream. This dream looked like I was having some kind of party in my townhouse. People were partying inside, but I was working on my computer, which is still in the same area, but I was ignoring the party. A woman from my party was taking a walk outside, while praying on her rosary and it seemed to be nighttime. My garage door was opened, and she just walks inside, calling me to come out for a minute. But I think she entered into the townhouse, from the garage, and she placed her rosary next to my rosary, as she told me that a man followed her to my garage. She seemed alarmed and nervous because an attractive blond man had followed her to my townhouse. I went to the garage to see what he wanted, and her alarmed look was making me feel nervous because I don’t know what happened between them when she was taking a stroll by herself in my neighborhood, which is a very quiet neighborhood. The young man didn’t say a word. He just stood there, staring at me, like maybe he wanted to come inside. He seemed maybe lonely. I started to get scared and I started to cuss at him all kinds of dirty words to make him stay away from me and my townhouse because I just didn’t want any problems from anyone. He slowly crawled away on his hands and knees, in which I thought was sad but strange. It just gave me the creeps, and I didn’t understand why I had that dream.

Then, I just woke up and got out of bed because Gumby was bugging me to feed him his breakfast. I suddenly noticed that the time was 10:10am. I noticed that it looked beautiful outside because the sun looked bright and the sky looked clear. It looked like a perfect spring day, even though it is still wintertime. In southern California, the seasons sometimes tend to blend into each other because the weather is unpredictable but mild. Then, I worked on last night’s page, outlining some areas with black ink pen and sharpie. I drew another page and colored it with pencils, before doing some outlining. I took some breaks and ate some snacks between drawing and working on my graphic novel. After eating my dinner, I decided to go on the internet for a break.

While working on my graphic novel, I decided to watch some movies on the indie channels, which include Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Side Effects, The Fifth Element, and City of God. They are all interesting movies, and the more I watch a specific movie, I am likely to pick up something different about it that I didn’t see last time, which is interesting. I think that is how critics analyze a movie. They have to pick at every detail, as they scrutinize and analyze every second of the film.

12 Important Dream Symbols

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Some symbolism in dream analysis

When you write down a dream, it will actually come true. I am not sure about that, but it sounds interesting. Since I like analyzing my own dreams, I decided to check out this video, where this man lists twelve symbolism found in people’s dreams. As I read through the following twelve symbolism, I only remember seeing five of these symbolism in my dreams.

  1. The Chase dream has to do with being nervous about something, and don’t run away from your problems.
  2. Naked dream has to do with being exposed and vulnerable.
  3. Empty Plate has to do wasting food.
  4. Flying has to do with freedom, liberation, and true potential. Entering a new territory, and overcoming obstacles and fears. New opportunities coming your way.
  5. Falling has to do with being on shaking grounds, fears, and doubting.
  6. Death dream has to with renewal, remembrance, and appreciation. It means you are transforming or changing.
  7. Dream of EX has to do with unfinished business.
  8. Adultery and affairs have to do not being happy with your current relationship.
  9. Sleep Paralysis dream has to do with anxiety to escape present moment. You need to meditate more.
  10. Pregnancy dream has to do with birthing something new in your life. Or, you might be going through some kind of change in your life.
  11. Winning Lottery or Lots of Money has to do with having more abundance in your life.
  12. You Are Lost dream has to do with finding a place called home where you belong, but you feel lost instead wandering around.

Homeless Pets Dream

Finy / Pixabay

The dog in my dream had these colors, but he was a lot smaller breed than this pixabay photo, as well as kind of chubby.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

This morning, I woke up with a weird and disturbing dream. In the dream, I was outside somewhere, at a residential area, and I noticed this stupid woman with a medium size cute dog, but I am not sure what breed. All I remember is the dog is tri-colored, quiet, and sweet. This stupid woman didn’t want it anymore, and she comes up to me and tells me she is going to just leave him in the street until he dies because she doesn’t want him anymore. I think he is an older dog. I felt sorry for the poor dog, and I start asking the stupid bitch questions, like his paperwork information, because I am considering taking the dog, adopting it, and giving it a home. I looked very interested because I was asking her many question, and she was just staring back at me in a retarded “duh” way, like she doesn’t know what to say.

I didn’t want to see what will happen next in the dream, and I decided to just wake up because it is just another dream anyway, and I don’t really want to take these stupid dreams seriously. I seem to be encountering lots of stupid people in my dreams. I can’t even tolerate these retards in real life. Why would I even tolerate them in a dream? Actually, it is my dream and I am able to change it as I please in order to control the outcome, in which I often do anyway. I am just happy this is just a dream and not real life because people like that really make me sick.