In the beginning of the dream, I was a 25-year-old cashier in a dead-end job at a half party supply store/half grocery store.  I remember it being a bizarre store layout, such that the party supplies and the food items were randomly displayed together.  For example, you would have a section of bulk-sized canned foods next to a section of balloon packs and in the shelves across from that you would have greeting cards.  Near the two cash registers was an open fridge where we kept flowers on the first two shelves and meat on the third shelf. Nobody in the dream questioned the store layout.

One day I went to work with a stomach virus that caused me to vomit bile (not even food).  It wasn’t uncontrollable or even that gross.  The worst part was that I kept leaving my register to hurl into our breakroom sink.  Many people in the community had a similar virus; it wasn’t alarming.  In fact, I told the boss I was sick and didn’t want to infect anyone else and he said “So is everyone else.  Get to work.”  Everyone infected each other with the virus and it was disgusting, but more because people who were almost rid of it got it once again when it was so unnecesssary.

I was in the middle of vomiting in the trash can under the register when my co-worker tapped me on the back and said “Did you see that kid?  He looks wrong.”

I wiped off my mouth with my arm and looked in the direction she was gesturing.  This family was looking at the meat in our open fridge and not at their son, who had a weird green tint to his skin.  This was weird because the rest of us sick people didn’t look that noticeably sick except maybe in runny or bloodshot eyes.

Suddenly I revealed that I wasn’t just a cashier working a hopeless retail job.  Well, sort of.  I coughed and said “He has something else.  I know because I’m working on an antidote.”

That was when the dream dissolved into chaos in addition to not making real-world sense.  The boy started vomiting on the floor, endlessly even when there should’ve been nothing left.  Unlike the bile that I suffered with, it looked like ground-up organs.  Yes it was gross, but it was genuinely terrifying even though I (as in real-world me) knew it was a dream and I could wake up at any time.

From that point I don’t remember the details.  I believe I revealed the full truth about who I was, an underground, controversial virologist that had been dealing with whatever this second virus was.  I felt like there was some action in the dream, leading to a finale of me assisting some group in quarantining the community.  I don’t remember how it even ended.  I just remember feeling nauseated (because I’m emetophobic and this dream was all about emetics/vomiting) after waking up.