Hair Ball A Life Change

This morning as I tried to open my eyes to a brand new day made for me and you I noticed topen my eyes to a brand new day made for me and you i hat I had drooled sometime during the night and stuck on... Read More

Dandelions Roots to China

As the Puritans made a spring tonic out of these beautiful plants as we knew as i was growing up as buttercups there are so many benefits amd things you can do with this onry plant that is hard to kil... Read More

Monthly Event

Our monthly meal at our church was wonderful with all friends and lots of delicious homemade food was prepared and brought into the place for others to enjoy and I decided to make a few cookies for th... Read More

Wedding Attire

This Sunday will be a good start as we are planning to all get up and get ready for church then us girls will be taking the three teenage girls shopping for two of them want to buy a dress for the Jun... Read More