Children are sweets

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Now I would like to talk about children

Children describes their relationship with their parents by their self as Son or daughter.

Son and daughter both are blessing of Allah.

But in our environment we prefer SONS a lot.

But Allah says the parents who first born a baby girl my blessing is with them. I send special blessing to that house. If I will be happy from any parents then I bless them with a baby girl.

So, you can realize easily that how much value of baby girls.

But in our environment we just say if we have Son then we can earn more and more. Our son will become the shoulder if their father. Our son will protect us. Our son will help us in every kind of issues etc.

In the past it happens a lot. Now people are getting so kuch awareness about this. And they feel that son and daughter both are equal. But still there are some people who feel the differences.

When there were no any awareness then people put their daughter under the land. Can you believe? They had a lot of big hearts that they can easily put their alive daughter in the sand.

Oh my God.

This thing really fill my eyes with tears always. When ever I thought or listen about this issue.

Now by the grace of God. This big sin has been removed from the soace of earth.

But still there are some parents do like this. If they can not do but they fell difference between son and daughter. May God fill their heart with the love of daughter. And they can understand the importance of daughter.

Children are the blessing of God.

Hey friends!

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Today I would like to talk about the children.

Children is the plural of the word child.

Children is the blessing of God.

We should not hurt children. Because when we hurt any child. Allah pak also feel pain.

The person before the age of majority is known as child. We can say the minor person “child”. The person after birth and before the proper sense is known as child.

Children effects from social issues. Social issues put their proper effects on children.

Like the issue of poverty. Poverty effects a lot on the mind of the children the children become narrow mind. Because of poverty. Childhood education effects a lot on the minds of children. If the base and schooling of the children will be better then the thought of the children will also be broad. And children will not feel any difficulty in the future. If their basica are weak then the obviously feel a lot of trouble in their future. And all the steps of their education life. So we should try to give a quality of education to our children in childhood. So, that they can easily survive in their future life. Needs also effects a lot on the mind of children. If the parents does not fulfil the needs of their children then they will feel difficulty. Their thoughts will be close in the bix. So, in every situation every parents should try to fulfil the needs of their children. So, that their eyes and heart will be frer from any kind of lust. Because lust of any kind is very bad thing.

I like children a lot.

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Stay happy dear

Children need love and care.


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Assalam O Alaikum!

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Today I would like to talk on children.

Do you like kids?

I like kids a lot. In my opinion we should not scold our children. We should not beat them. We should always care about their feelings and their wishes. We should fulfill all needs of children.  According to me if we make the boundaries for children their thoughts start to shrink and their talent also coming below. They feel guilty internally and they always feel shy. So, the boundaries should be remove. We should make our children’s thought big. And we should keep our children in open environment so that their eyes are fulfilled with every kind of thing on earth.  I am giving you example of eating.  If our children demand to eat a chocolate so we should bring boxes of chocolates for them.  So that their eyes fulfilled. If our children demand chocolates and we start to make excuse s that I will bring later. It is harmful for your teeth. Than our children thought become start to narrow. So we should give more and more to our children. If they do naughty things we should not take them strictly we should not scold them strictly we should always tell them what is right for them and what is wrong for them.

It is good thing that every parents should adopt this. We should always give higher education to our children. We should take our children’s to every place of earth so that their mind become broad. We should take them with us on market so that their talent develop. Their shyness die. And they start to speak with different kinds of people without shyness.

This is some habit I guess that is necessary for every parents to adopt for their children’s.

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