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$10 for 100 words and a piranha image: The greenhouse instructable

$10 for 100 words and a piranha image: The greenhouse instructable



Only 1 out of 10 read this, but 9 out 10 who do, make 10 times their expectations 9 out of 10 times.

Let me introduce the easiest $10 you’ll ever make;

What is Niume ?

Niume is the latest baby boomer in the social blogging revenue share sphere with a simple purpose of bringing people with similar interests together.

Who can join niume?

Niume is open worldwide and anyone with basic grammar can join and earn money today.

How do I make money?

There are two main ways to earn on this site:

1. Publishing posts

Niume pays $1 for every 1000 views which is arguably high compared to what most cpm networks offer not to mention this can be achieved by a 5 short lines post.

Just be sure to include an image on your post; it’s a requirement and also accelerates your viewership 100 fold.

2. Refer people to niume
Here’s the real bank for me: $1 for every referral.

So here’s my plan;

every article I publish on Niume comes with a short description of the benefits that comes with joining the website as a writer then I embed a referral link.

I proceed to promote the post like my blogging life depends on it


Am glad you asked…..

I share my post on facebook, tweeter, pinterest, and forums as follows:
• I tag 1000+ Fb friends and ask them to re-share
• I share the post on 27+ ‘make money online’ facebook groups
• On 15 ‘make money online’ facebook pages
• On 10 Google+ communities
• I pin it on my pinterest board
• And finally on 11 make money forums
In a span of three days the post receives an average of 4000 views and with a minimal 2% conversion rate, 8 people to join Niume..

With 4000 views and 8 people joining Niume, I earn $12 from one short post. The beauty is; this post continues to attract views for months to come.

Now the secret is to write a short simple interesting post, include an intentionally provoking headline and an equally captivating image.

Everyone who bypasses this post for its simplicity only increases the number of views…….but you are wise, be different and take action…..start earning NOW..

-Now honestly-
“1000 words don’t mean jack,
Unless you join”
Get Me IN


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