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The best postloop alternative: how to make $300 commenting on forums

The best postloop alternative: how to make $300 commenting on forums

Hi fellows I want to introduce to you a great paid forum posting site that is so great. As great as postloop(now that postloop is closed)

What is a forum posting job?

When people create forums, they need people to kick start ideas and topics to attract new members. These forum owners pay people like you and me to start posting on their forums and get things rolling.


What is  theforumwheel ?

To do this, the forum owners turn to sites like theforumwheel to hire posters. The forumwheel on the other side hires us on behalf of the forum owners.


We can simply say that theforumwheel is a safe meeting point between forum owners and posters.


What am I required to do?

The forumwheel hires you to write quality, engaging threads and replies. The point is to drive conversation on the forum. Your job requires that you post about 3-10 posts with at least 30% being new threads.


How much can I make money on theforumwheel ?

Well, that will depend on how much effort you are willing to put into it. For case study: you are paid 0.05-0.15 dollars for every post you make. This means if you make 100 threads per day you can make between 5-15 dollars.


The amount you are paid per post depends on your rating which is 0-5. If you score 3.5 -4.0 you earn 0. 05$ and $1.5 if your score is 5. I have a 4.3 rating and my pay per post is $o.065.

I make about 45 posts per day and make $2.95. My goal is to make $5 per day.


That will require me to improve my rating to at least 4.75, which I am working on.


How do I get paid?


You get your money through PayPal any time; there’s no minimum cash out.


How do I join?


To join theforumwheel, you need to head over their official site and register. You will be asked to create 10 test posts for review. After the admins review your posts you will receive an approval or reject email plus a rating within 24 hours.

Get started with theforumwheel 
This is one of the best ways to make money quick. At the moment of writing this post there are 10 forums and the number is increasing.


$10 for 100 words and a piranha image: The greenhouse instructable


  1. Ah crap!
    I didn’t know that postloop has been shut down and I kept writing. I have just made 17 long posts on postloop and all the posts I just created were more than 5 paragraph each. I spend a week to write all unique material and did lots of research about my contents. What should I do now? Can I copy all my contents out of postloop and paste somewhere like Theforumwheel etc?

  2. This is a great article. It unfortunated that Postloop died a natural death and Theforumwheel is currently on autopilot. Very little to no client support.

    If you look at the support forum, you will see complaints from both forum owners and the writers. Are forums dying? Are forums giving in to mainstream social media?

    Can i get someone who cam make the scripts for me. Especiall the one that was running on Postloop. It could be used to trace both blogs and forums. That was a more sustainable mode.

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