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make up to 45k on your phone with no skill and zero capital kenya

The best postloop alternative: how to make $300 commenting on forums

Now that you know what a forum is. You’re probably wondering, who qualifies to do this job.

And this is sweetest part, everybody. Anybody who can construct a correct English sentence can start earning their money right away. I mean you can earn money before sunset. Isn’t that cool? I believe it is.


How to make money with forum posting

You know it’s possible, you know you can do it, so how do actually make the dough.  Am glad you asked…

You earn money in two simple ways:

  1. Start a thread; starting a thread is simply updating your status on the forum. Just like you would start a discussion on a facebook group by updating your status, it’s that simple.
  2. By commenting; you will also earn money by contributing comments to other peoples’ threads. Just like you would comment on other people’s status on facebook or whatsapp Easy, don’t you think?


How much can I make….

When it comes to how much you can make, the average is between 12000 and 24000, while for the extra hard working go getting hustlers, you can make up to 100,000. Yes, rub your eyes if you want to, but that the plain truth, and all these with zero investment, no degree, diploma, C.V, interview, everything in the comfort of your own living room.

Just a plain simple Smartphone and a few coins to buy air time internet bundles.

The mathematics is simple; you make between, 5-15 shillings ($0.05-0.15) per new thread or comment, in a day you can make more than 100 comments. That puts you between 500 – 1500 shillings every day.

The amount you make per post simply depends on the quality of your posts. Which is rated between 0 and 5?

The lowest rate being 3.5 and the highest being 5; a rating of 3.5 will fetch you KES 5 per post, while a rating of 5 will fetch you KES 15. And anything below 3.5, you are disqualified.

The rating can also grow as you make better quality comments. Thus if you start with a 3.5 rating, you can work your way to the top. Increasing your pay per comment by almost 300% Meaning, you can triple your income from 15000 to 45000 a month. A sweet deal

I started at 3.8 and my current rating is 4.3, and I make 8 shillings per comment.  I type faster now than I did, and you will too.



  1. good things are rewarded. Was worried about this boy who want to persue a career in aviation. Comes from a humble background. how can we support such people?

  2. thats owesome..I think thats the best way of encouraging those who might be thinking that one must have a degree to get good income or even a living.Good job!

  3. Hi…. I was approved as a writer at the forum wheel but how do I make money if the forums limit the number of times you can post?

  4. Am very glad to meet this great job , its simple , I know my life will change . I would wish to thank the bigginers for sure.

  5. Thanks for the information.I would love to do this.Its a great way of getting money to supplement my income

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