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5 websites every new blogger should bookmark.


5 websites every new blogger should bookmark.

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  1. Grammar monster

Quality content is all about solving people’s problems but a silly grammatical mistake can melt down your strong points. Grammar monster offers free English lessons and tests to help you write high quality blog posts. Join now and enjoy well structured lessons featuring not only basic grammar, but also apostrophes and much more.

Start your classes now and here.

  1. Wealthy affiliates

A wealthy affiliate is another site I love due to their vast wealth of information regarding blog monetization. WA prides itself as the best online affiliate community support group, not just for their easy to understand lessons but also due to the huge number of members both new and experienced always ready to guide you on to the journey that is affiliate marketing.

I want to earn from my blog… sign me up with WA.

  1. WordPress

Every blogger needs blogging platform. And although there are numerous blogging platforms, wordpress has proven to be the king of them all. WordPress offers both free and premium plans to bloggers; I am still running on the free option. Whichever plan you choose, there’s an array of customization tools to ensure your blog looks perfect.

Simply the best…check out wordpress

  1. Pro blogger

Just as the name suggests, problogger is a top class blog meant to give advice on how to take your blogging experience to another level. In simple terms, problogger teaches you how to run your blog professionally. The author believes that bogging should not only offer freedom but also fun and enough to pay the bills.

Run with the big boys…Go pro


  1. John chow

Another blogging advice blog, john chow is a seasoned blogger with both experience and the readership to prove it. With offer 6 million monthly readers following him, john chow shows you how to grow your blog from 0 to $40,000 in just two years.

Want to grow big? … Start now, with john chow

  1. Blogjob

Call it a bonus; I think it’s one of the greatest blogging website I have come across. Blogjob is a semi blogging platform that pays members (like me) to blog without taking the right to use their blogs as they would wish.  With blogjob I earn money via 5 streams:

  1. I get paid to post a 300 word article on my blog site.
  2. I get paid every time one views my blog post.
  3. I get paid when a visitor signs up via my affiliate links placed on my blog posts.
  4. I get paid whenever a visitor leaves a comment on my blog post.
  5. I get paid when visitors view ads on my blog post.

Jealous, don’t be; join blogjob today and earn from 5 different streams all in one source.







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