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How to smash the postloop approval test and get the highest rating of all time. 7 inexcusable laws to crafting epic quality forum posts

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Paid to post on forums job, is an incredible online earning opportunity available to global citizens via amazing platforms like postloop, theforumwheel, paidforumposting among others. However, a painful test stands in between.


Today I’m going to show you bit by bit how to crack the postloop approval test, and fetch a high rating (without breaking a sweat).

These are the exact steps I employed to assist 95% of my referrals past the 10 approval trial posts.


The outset error most users commit is half-registration; and who can blame them, postloop application process is twice that of an average site.

Stick to these 4 steps to complete your application successfully.



postloop application process for content writers

I took the instructions straight from the postloop FAQ page to ensure the message is as correct as possible; read at least 3 times before proceeding ahead.
“Before you are approved for writing at Postloop, you must first make 10 trial pos
ts at the postloop portal. The Postloop Portal is owned and operated by Postloop staff and is used as a place to verify writer quality before being admitted into Postloop. Postloop staff will review the posts that you have made and return with a decision within 24 hours. If your posts meet our quality expectations, you will be able to start participating at any of the websites listed at Postloop. If your posts do not meet our quality expectations, you may be able to reapply with another 10 posts if instructed by Postloop staff. If your posts fall far below the expectations at Postloop, you will not be able to reapply.”

“Below is how the application process works. You must follow every step in the exact order listed:

  • Join postloop portal
  • Subscribe to The Postloop Portal (this is different from joining!!!). You must subscribe.
  • Make 10 posts at The Postloop Portal
  • Wait up to 24 hours for approval. Postloop staff will review your posts made, and if they are of acceptable quality, your account will be approved to start subscribing to any of the sites at Postloop. You will be notified immediately via email and inside of your Postloop account once your posts have been reviewed.

If you post and then subscribe, your posts will not count. Only posts that you make after you subscribe will count.”


First go the sign-up page, and fill the registration form

postloop join 1







Fill the application form with this basic information;

  • Official Names: names on your ID/passport.
  • Username: the name that appears on your postloop profile.
  • Email address: use an active email as you will be required to log in and confirm to complete registration. In case you have forgotten your email password I sugge
    st you open another one, preferably on Gmail.
  • Password: include both letters and numbers for a strong password.
  • solve the human verification test.
  • add where you learned about postloop; from a friend, online, via a banner etc.


pstlp rg frm 12


  • Agree with the terms and conditions.

postloop join trms and cndtns


  • Go to your email address and confirm your registration (postloop will send you a message, open and follow the instructions) to complete the process.

Screenshot - 10_11_2015 , 9_32_54 PM


2. After you complete the registration process, log-in into your account,



Screenshot - 10_11_2015 , 9_08_28 PM


  • Go to the support tab


Screenshot - 10_11_2015 , 9_11_11 PM


  • sign up by adding your user name and password (use the same username and password you signed up with in step one)


spprt sgn up



  1.  register at the postloop portal;

  •  Fill in the postloop portal registration form (use the same username and password you signed up with in step one)


pstlp prtl rg form


4. subscribe to the portal;


  • Start by clicking on the forums tab,
  • On the welcome to postloop note, Click on the here link as shown below


pstlp clck here



  • Read the instructions on the page that opens.
  • Scroll down the page and click on the subscribe icon.


pstlp sbscrbe 1





sbscrbe bttn

Congratulations, you are doing better than 60% of the users who apply with postloop. Now it’s time to nail the interview; ready to champion your way through? Follow the simple but unforgivable rules of quality forum posting.

Note:   this is your one shot: the results determine both your approval and pay rate-the higher the rate, the more you earn.

Put differently, take your time and get the hang of these lessons; they stand between you and $5 daily postloop PayPal withdrawal.


7 inexcusable laws to crafting epic quality forum posts

  1. must be grammatically correct

Ascertain your posts are grammatically correct by;

  • Editing them on a word processor, just hit f7 for Microsoft word.
  • Read the posts at the least, three times.
  • Use an online proofreader/grammar checker like grammarly, paperrater or ginger; they offer both free and paid options. I am using grammarly; it’s a great proofreading tool. You can join and download free grammarly software here.
  • Avoid direct translations; online proofreaders will help you with that.

Additionally, improve your grammar at grammar-monster ; they feature easy to understand and very comprehensive basic grammar lessons.

  1. Forum post must be on topic.

Before submitting a new thread or reply, see to it you understand the topic of discussion. For instance, at the portal are 4 main subjects;

  • Entertainment
  • Technology and internet
  • Miscellaneous
  • Front desk.


pstlp prtl sbjcts



Under these main subjects are sub-subjects,

e.g., under entertainment you will find:

  • Books
  • Music
  • Movies
  • Television
  • Video games

pstl prtl sb sbjcts


Beneath the sub-subjects are discussion topics generated by the users on postloop. At this point, you can post new topics and replies for approval.

Post the right topic under the right subject.




3. A forum post must be easy to follow.

When writing a post, make sure the points are well arranged in an effective

Paragraph structure

Break your thoughts by paragraphs, numbers or bullets; this allows easier comprehension.


4. Forum post should introduce a novel idea.

Before publishing a new post, lookup the portal to avoid repetition; write concerning a similar topic only when introducing a new angle or fresh idea.


When posting a reply;


Read what other users have posted to avoid repetition.

Determine whether to:

  • Answer a question,
  • Support an opinion,
  • Or, give a contrary opinion.

Once you have decided,

Back up your notion with a fact, story, figure or an example.  You may not have all these on your finger tips, that’s why you have Google.

Open the Google search page and type the keyword or the entire topic headline. Open the first few pages and you have enough ideas to create a decent reply.

Make sure you have introduced an interesting idea, fact or figure to the thread.

4. Write Long posts

Write at least 40 words per post; whether a new topic or a reply.

The length of a forum post is irrelevant if the post meets all the above requirements. However, as a rule, informative quality posts are a long.  By following step 1-4, your posts will naturally be long enough.

5. Write at least 3 new topics and seven replies.

All board admins ask that users create in the least 30% new topics. The good news; most topics on the postloop portal are every day discussions. You can write about ordinary situations like movies, pets, politics, losing weight, facebook etc.

6. Be polite

A forum is community; and like any other social gathering, high level of respect for peers is expected.

Although we are permitted to disagree, disrespectful language will get you banned faster than the apprentice working for Donald trump.   To remain 110% polite avoid these 2 things;

  • Disagree with a user before fully understanding their point of view.
  • Use of abusive, demeaning or insulting language in spite of other user’s point of view. If you feel insulted, report to the admin.

7. Connect

Whenever posting a reply in a thread, it helps big time to mention, congratulate, thank or quote another user who have put up an epic post.


This demonstrates you not only follow, but also care about other users’ opinions; chances are high they will mention you back.


  • Use @ sign followed by the name of the user you want to mention. E.g. @joseph
  • Use the quote tool when referring to another user’s reply post.



Note: don’t forget to subscribe at the postloop portal before submitting your 10 trial posts.

So that’s about everything about passing the postloop approval test. Did I leave anything behind? Do you have an addition? Disagree with any point? Drop me a comment.


Written by Njenga Joseph

Joseph is growing online content marketer: follow him on tweeter @Joseph Ndungu.

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