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Go blog viral with these 7 headline creation hacks.

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Go blog viral with these 7 headline creation hacks.

No one can claim to have the killer bullet on how best to write a top notch headline. Nonetheless, there are a few ways that have been tested and proven to work-consistently. Here is among the top.

  1. A numbered list

Lists are a favorite among top bloggers, and for a good reason. Specific Lists are easy to read and follow; psychologists argue that the human brain works best with specific instructions. Add words like: top, favorite, best to draw more attention. Example: “5 sure ways to increase your tweeter following”.

  1. A celebrity name

Popular names pull attention wherever they appear. Take advantage of a big name to draw attention to your blog posts.  With some creativity you can link almost any topic to a certain celebrity. Just do a search on Google including a keyword combined with the word celebrity and you are sure to get some ideas for your blog post headline. Example: “Diddy’s top tweeting secrets revealed”.

  1. News

Everyone wants to know what’s happening, you agree, and guess what! Something is always happening. No matter where you are or what you are doing, you can always find a newsy idea to add to a headline. Example: “Google unveils a new strategy; find out how to take advantage”

  1. A promise to solve a problem

More often than not, people are looking for a solution. Whether one is bored and need to be entertained or wants to know how to download the latest antivirus, a solution oriented blog headline is likely to get the most attention. Example: “increase traffic to your blog in three easy steps”

  1. A verb

Tell your readers what to do. Given directions, most people are willing to act. For instance, start with words; click, follow, check this, followed with a promise and you will love the response. Example: ‘click here to see what all top tweets have in common”.

  1. How to

‘How to’ headlines are popular online; even Google loves them, this is because they offer direct answers.  Use these headings to draw attention to an instructional piece. Example: “how to double your click through rate, cost free”.

  1. A surprise

All great copywriters target the readers’ emotion when drafting their copy. An intriguing statement gets a readers adrenaline flowing, creating curiosity and a hunger to know more.  For instance you will find news’ reporters using headings like, 5000 children die every year due to……….. That’s bound to make any head turn. Example: “webmasters are losing 100 million dollars every month on social media campaigns.”

There’s’ no fire-sure way to create a headline, but with the above tricks you can experiment to see which works best. Happy blogging fellows…





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