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Iwriter, Freelancer, Eance vs. Blogjob; 3 major reasons why I ditched content mills for blogging.

NOTE: Blogjob has suspended their revenue share program…

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Iwriter, Freelancer, Eance vs. Blogjob; 3 major reasons why I ditched content mills for blogging.

Most new writers chose freelance writing over blogging, I did too. When I started writing for the web, freelance writing seemed as the best way to earn money. So I joined iwriter and freelancer where I landed my first writing gigs. After working for six months, a question hit me, “why do people pay me to write articles for them”.  The answer was simple: because they make money using the articles. From then I decided to explore the opportunities offered by owning a blog. Ladies and gentlemen, if you have been wondering which direction to steer your writing career, hold tight and read on…

Presenting to you3 reasons why I chose blogging over freelance writing.

  1. Freedom

Freedom is among the major reasons why most people quit day jobs for the online freelance industry, and although freelancers enjoy a certain degree of choice, it’s bloggers who swim entirely in the ocean of choices. Blogging not only offers freedom to work on your schedule but also the choice to write whatever it is that soothes your pen.  Iwriter gave me the freedom to choose the articles I wanted to handle but with condition, I have to research, write, proofread and deliver the article within two hours.  With my blog I can take as long as I want with my post; I can toy with it for days until it feels right.


  1. Income

This is the part where most writers get confused; freelancer’s tarts earning money almost immediately while blogging takes some time.  But that doesn’t have to be the case, with sites like blogjob, you start earning money immediately after you publish your first 300 word post. From that same post, you can continuously earn money via 4 more different streams:

  1. You earn money when other users view your post.
  2. When they comment on your post,
  3. When they view ads on your posts,
  4. When they buy, or sign up via your affiliate links.

For instance, a 300 word article at iwriter earned me $1.6, the same 300 article at blogjob earns me $0.5 just for posting on my own blogsite, and I continuously earn daily from every view on my blog, I promote 4 affiliate programs within my posts where one pays me $0.5 every time one person sign ups to their website for free, another pays $0.25 for free sign up. The other two pays me lifetime 20% of whatever the users earns or spend on their site. Now do the math.

I have 3 sign ups each worth 0.5=1.5

13 sign ups earning 20% of what they make, average $5 day= 5x12x20/100=$12

2365 views for the last 20 days, 2365x$0.01=23.65

42 comments 40x 0.01=$0.4

I have only written 20 articles for the last 20 days.

These are true statistics from my blog site at blogjob. The good news is; these earnings will continue soaring as I continue working on my site.


  1. Short and Long term benefits

As you can already see from my short time experience with blogjob, blogging presents both short time and long term advantages. Not only will I earn instantly from the posts I write, but also residual income from the referral links I chose to promote, views, comments while I build an online presence.


I don’t know your reasons for reading this piece, but whatever you are looking for, whether wealth, freedom, or both; you will find them here at blogjob.


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  1. Very well calculated. You reminded me that I have iWriter account but did not write there as the time they give me for submiting an article is so short and I don´t like that.

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