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Postloop vs. theforumwheel

cropped-make-money-online.jpgPostloop vs. theforumwheel

The best postloop alternative: how to make $300 commenting on forums

Most people know postloop.(postloop is currently closed)   as a great paid forum posting site, while others know postloop for failing to approve users. Whichever your definition of postloop is, I still believe you will want to learn about the forum wheel.

The forum wheel is new paid to post on forums site that borrows a lot from postloop. Anyone who has worked at the former will quickly get the hang on the latter; the appearance and the pay are similar on (0.05 to $ 0.15 per post).

However, the only thing that you will find distinguished about the forumwheel is the test; the admin is much nicer and the approval results can show up at your mailbox in less than 12 hours. That’s right; you can submit your 10 test post and get approved in the same day.

Another aspect I believe you will find quite enticing about theforumwheel is the fact that there’s no minimum cash out. Yes! You can take your money whenever you need it; which comes in handy when I need some quick cash. They pay via PayPal at any time within 12 hours. I have cashed out 5 times already.

The only fallback I find on theforumwheel is the number of forums available which are way fewer compared to those on postloop. The number is however increasing by the day.

Don’t get me wrong, postloop is great site for anyone to earn money; but I also believe in more than one stream of income. You never know what will happen next; been royal doesn’t work as well as being aware.

Well fellow forum posters, there’s my two cents about the most popular paid to post sites I know. Sign up the click here to register at theforumwheel,

 Learn more about theforumwheel here.


Click here to register at postloop

Learn more about postloop here


  1. I’ve been a member of Postloop for over two years, but I don’t find time to use it every day. I’ve no interest in The Forum Wheel because my time is limited and there are so few forums listed there that Postloop is all I need.

  2. I have been a member of The Forum Wheel and Postloop for sometime now. It took me time and time again to become an approved poster on Postloop. However, The Forum Wheel allows you to try multiple times to become approved if you do not become approved the first time. With Postloop once you are disapproved you have to try to become approved with new accounts everytime. I highly recommend The Forum Wheel whether you are a content writer or content seeker. I have done both, and both are very convincing and worth it!

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