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How to earn money for your simple words with blogjob

How to earn money for your simple words with blogjob

NOTE: Blogjob have currently suspended their revenue share program


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Most people waste their precious time and words on social media websites like facebook and whatsapp due to ignorance that they can turn the same words into cold hard cash.  If you are ready to ditch facebook and earn some money then let me introduce to the world of blogging; where your words equals to endless flow of residual income.

What is a blog?

A blog is an informational website made up several pages of information either in text, image or video formats.  For instance what you are reading right now is text blog. A video blog is made of videos and an image blog images. It’s also possible to create a blog with all three but text blogs are the most common.

Who can become a blogger?

Pretty anyone who can write in simple high school grammar and the patience to create a successful online business

How do you make money with blogging?

Some people start their blogs for fun and to express their thoughts and feelings to the world. Such people may not have any intention to monetize their blogs. However, the majority of bloggers today make full time incomes through their blogging activities. To answer the question

By establishing a blog, you create numerous sources of income;

  1. Advertising revenue

An established blog will earn residual income from individual or advertisement networks; a blog with a thousand daily visitors can fetch up to 20k residual income.

  1. Affiliate marketing

This is by far the most lucrative source of blog income of all times. Affiliate marketing is simply selling a product on behalf of another person or company. In other words your blog acts a sales person that attracts customers and convinces them to buy products and you receive the commissions.  Depending on the products you chose to sell, a blog with 1000 visitors can make as much as 100k monthly. For instance, I just joined a program that pays me kshs 50 every time I convert a sale. If I can only convince 10 people everyday then I would earn kshs 15,000 by end month.

  1. Recurring sales

Referral business only gets better, I imagine this; you convince one person to buy a product today and you earn commissions for the rest of your life as long that person continues to purchase in that company. Pretty sweet ha- this can be you. Some of the referral programs are that great; now you know why there’s so much frenzy for blogging.

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  1. Earn just for writing

You also earn just for writing blog posts. This article you are reading has already me kshs 50, and will continue to earn me kshs 1 every time a person visits. Let’s say 30,000 people read this article by end month- good money.

How do I start?

Great question, starting a blog is not only easy but also very free and needs no prior experience whatsoever. As long as you can construct an English sentence, you are more than qualified to run your own million dollar blog.

Most people including me started a blog with zero information about blogging.  If you are ready to start making money starting right now follow these simple steps;

  • Start by reading more about blogjob blojob here…
  • Sign up at the blogging platform blogjob here
  • Create your blog site by clicking on sites > create site> chose domain and site name > create.
  • Once your site is created start writing; write about anything you like to but make sure it’s at least 300 words long.
  • Click publish and you already have money in your blogjob account

I have helped many people start and run successful blogs here at blog job and I would like to help you too. If you are ready to start or would like me to walk with you through the blogging journey drop me a comment I will get back to you.

You can also send me an email at adssolsn@mail.com.


    • they will surely add up @Shane, they always start small. but i also suggest you add some referral links; they earn more than ads. i will look at your blog and make some suggestions if you want.

  1. You know that Facebook isn’t entirely useless, right? If bloggers are counting on views to make money or sales, then Facebook can be an important tool to drive traffic their way.

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