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Moneytalkworld Review: Another Legit Paid To Post Forum.

Moneytalkworld Review: Another Legit Paid To Post Forum.

The best postloop alternative: how to make $300 commenting on forums

Paid to post on forum jobs are great ways to make extra income; most people do it while relaxing after a full day job while some have taken forum paid posting as their sole source of income. This is particularly due to the fact that paid forum posting jobs are not only easy but readily available for anybody with a simple understanding of basic grammar; the restrictions for this job are fair.

We have reviewed numerous forum posting sites on this blog. And I can tell you for a fact, a good number of our readers are enjoying working at these sites.

Forum posting jobs include joining a discussion board and contributing by creating new posts as well as replying to already post topics. Most of these discussions are general queries and suggestions which makes it easy for anyone to join in and participate.

Now for the day’s business; let’s look at money talk world forum:


What Is Money Talk World Forum?

Money talk world forum is a paid to post forum that offers its members a platform to deliberate on issues HYIP, Forex trade and GPT (Get Paid To) discussions.


Who Can Join MTW Forum?

Moneytalkworld forum is open worldwide, anybody who can write basic grammar is welcome to join, learn and earn.


Is Moneytalkworld Legit?

MTW is legit; the admin is always available to answer your questions and the money is paid on time.


How Do I Earn Money?

As all the other paid to post forums, you earn by simply creating new topics and threads at the discussion board. The payments are as follows:

  • $0.025 for new topic and reply at the Forex and HYIP section
  • $0.015 for new topic and reply at any other section
  • $0.005 at the payment proof section


How Do I Get My Money?

You can withdraw your cash once you reach the minimum cash out threshold via the various payment processors:

  • Minimum cash out threshold for Perfect money: $1.5
  • Minimum cash out threshold for egopay: $2
  • Minimum cash out threshold for payza: $2


How Do I Get Started?

You can start earning at MTW right away; just sign up and start posting immediately.

Get started with moneytalkworld.com/forum.php

Bulkmoneyforum review: another legit paid to post forum.


The best postloop alternative: how to make $300 commenting on forums

Hi friends, as you all know, we have been reviewing paid to post forums and websites on this blog. Today we will look at yet another opportunity where we can earn some money just for posting threads and comments. Forum posting  jobs are increasingly becoming a full time online money making opportunity for most people especially in our low income countries-and for a good reason. A seasoned forum poster can easily make $10 with little effort.

Enough talk; let’s get to today’s business

What is bulkmoneyforum?

Bulk money forum is an online discussion board that pays users for participating. Among topics at the BMF include; forex trade, HYIP, get paid to opportunities, e- currencies, betting, paid to game…

Is bulkmoneyforum legitimate?

This site legit and paying, so far have only received positive feedback from members within and without the forum.

Who can join BMF?

This forum is open for all people from all around the world as long as they write in simple English grammar.

How do I earn money?

Just like all the other forum posting sites we have discussed before, you make money by posting new threads and replying to existing ones;  Every new thread is 6 $BMF while a reply will cap you 3$BM.F.

The sign Up bonus is $BMF 10= $0.1

Another lucrative way to make money on BMF is by inviting your friends; for every friend who signs up via your referral link, you are entitled to $BMF $10.

The exchange rate: 1 $ bulkmoneyforum= $1

How do I get paid?

You will receive your money via payza, perfectmoney or webmoney once you reach the minimum cash out point, 100BMF = $1.

How do I start?

It’s real easy to get started at bulkmoney forum; go to the sign up page here, register by filling in your details, confirm your email and you are good.

Get started with bulkmoneyforum here

<a href=”https://theforumwheel.com/invite/adssolsn” target=”_blank”><img src=”https://theforumwheel.com/library/banners/TFW-728×90-01.gif”></a>

Postloop vs. theforumwheel

cropped-make-money-online.jpgPostloop vs. theforumwheel

The best postloop alternative: how to make $300 commenting on forums

Most people know postloop.(postloop is currently closed)   as a great paid forum posting site, while others know postloop for failing to approve users. Whichever your definition of postloop is, I still believe you will want to learn about the forum wheel.

The forum wheel is new paid to post on forums site that borrows a lot from postloop. Anyone who has worked at the former will quickly get the hang on the latter; the appearance and the pay are similar on (0.05 to $ 0.15 per post).

However, the only thing that you will find distinguished about the forumwheel is the test; the admin is much nicer and the approval results can show up at your mailbox in less than 12 hours. That’s right; you can submit your 10 test post and get approved in the same day.

Another aspect I believe you will find quite enticing about theforumwheel is the fact that there’s no minimum cash out. Yes! You can take your money whenever you need it; which comes in handy when I need some quick cash. They pay via PayPal at any time within 12 hours. I have cashed out 5 times already.

The only fallback I find on theforumwheel is the number of forums available which are way fewer compared to those on postloop. The number is however increasing by the day.

Don’t get me wrong, postloop is great site for anyone to earn money; but I also believe in more than one stream of income. You never know what will happen next; been royal doesn’t work as well as being aware.

Well fellow forum posters, there’s my two cents about the most popular paid to post sites I know. Sign up the click here to register at theforumwheel,

 Learn more about theforumwheel here.


Click here to register at postloop

Learn more about postloop here

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