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Another legit paid to post forum: Cashchat review


Another legit paid to post forum: Cashchat review

The best postloop alternative: how to make $300 commenting on forums


Forum posting is an easy online job that everyone can do anywhere in the world. Although these jobs can’t make you rich, they offer a great opportunity to start earning dollars online. I started working as a forum poster after I got banned from Iwriter.com as I was not a good writer. Even though I went back to blogging and article writing, I still take forum posting jobs.

What is cash chat?

Cashchat is an online forum where members meet and discuss forex trading while earning money. Don’t let lack of forex knowledge stop you from making money at cash chat. Most people who come to cash chat with zero idea about forex trading but as they participate in the discussions they catch up. As a matter of fact, some end up as full time forex traders.

Is cashchat legit?

Cashchat forum is legitimate and has been paying their members honestly.

Who can join cashchat?

As of now cashchat is only open to US citizens.

How do I earn money?

Like the many other paid to post forums we have looked at before, you earn money by posting new threads and replies on the cashchat forum. The only requirement is that you write proper basic grammar, stay on topic and be polite.  Cash chat pays $0.02 for every thread or reply; you can only write 10 new threads daily but can make as many replies as you like.

How do I get paid?

You will get your money when you have $2 in via liberty reserve or alertpay; you can register for an account with either. You can transfer the money to a PayPal account

How do I get started?

To get started at cash chat; sign up with your email, fill in the registration form and confirm your email. Now login and start posting.







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