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Another paid to post site: Sigtrader review

Another paid to post site: Sigtrader review

Hi friends, today we will look at another paid to post forum site: sigtrader. If you are new, paid to post on forum jobs are online tasks that pay you to create threads and replies. This is one of the easiest jobs you will ever do online.

What is sigtrader?

Unlike all the other paid to post sites we have looked at before, Sigtrader is signature market place where you can make money by selling your forum signature links. In simple terms; sigtrader is a website where advertisers and forum posters meet.

A signature is a follow-through link you use while posting on forums.

Is sigtrader Legitimate?

Sigtrader is legitimate and paying the members for a long time now.

Who can sign up?

Sigtrader is open worldwide; the only requirement is that you are a member of a forum that allows signatures. These forums are all over and are free to join. Before posting be sure to read their rules and regulations to ensure they allow signatures and or links. Some will have you make a specific number posts before they allow you to post links. Whatever you do, don’t break rules.

How do I earn money?

As the name suggests you earn money by selling your signature link to an advertiser.

People who want their websites or products promoted buy your signature. This means whenever you post your link in a forum a person can click on it follow through to their website. To ensure you get more deals that pay better, write quality posts that are both engaging and are consistent to the link and consistent with the forum topics.

For these buyers to find you, sign up at sigtrader and set up a trade specifying the price and the forum you intend to post the links. The advertiser will find you buy your signature. This site works similarly to fivver; post a gig, wait for buyer, make a deal, work and get paid.

Sigtrader is a free market meaning you can price your signature as you feel it’s worth but for case study the signatures goes for between $ 0.05 and $0.5.

It’s also worth to note that you can exchange your signature for another which can lead to more traffic for your site or blog.

How do I get paid?

You will get your payment via PayPal.

How do I get started?

To get started on sigtrader, you will need to fill the simple registration form with all your details including how much you charge for the links and the forum you intend to post the links. After registration, go ahead and set up your first trade and wait for a buyer.


  1. This sounds like a neat website to check out. Question : Do you have to be a member of a forum that allows signatures before you apply? If so, do you have to be an active member?

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