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My Lot Is Back: Another Paying Forum Posting Job

My Lot Is Back: Another Paying Forum Posting Job

What is forum posting job?

Forum posting is one of the easiest jobs to earn money online. Pretty almost anyone with a proper basic high school grammar can make money posting on forums. All you need is a computer with internet connection, or better yet a smart phone.


What is mylot?

Mylot is paid to post forum site. Mylot has been in the pay per post business for a long time. However, they had discontinued their paying systems for a while and now they are back ready to pay you for your contribution on their forum.

Is Mylot legitimate?

Yes, mylot is one of the most reliable long serving and paying pay per post site I know.

Who can join mylot forum?

Mylot is open worldwide as long as you can read and write in Basic English.

How do I earn money at mylot?

Earning money at mylot is pretty easy; join the site and start creating threads and comments. As I said, they had stopped their paying system but decided to revive it after considerations. However, they have not yet disclosed on how much every thread or reply will be making. Best believe I will be updating you as soon as I get the 411. On this forum you can discuss any topic that interests you as long as you remain within their rules and regulations perimeters.

How do I get paid?

You receive your hard earned cash via PayPal as soon as you hit $10 threshold which should be easy just posting and commenting. Quality posts are at least 25 words long, grammatically correct and on topic.

How do I start?

To start earning money on mylot, sign up by filling the registration form and confirming the email. Make a point of visiting the rules and regulations page to avoid being banned.



  1. I’ve joined yesterday for the first time, but it was not clear for me what I have to do there. Now, reading your post, it’s more clear for me how it’s working there.

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