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Another paying paid to post forum: Iaft (association of forex traders) forum review

Another paying paid to post forum: Iaft (association of forex traders) forum review

More people are increasingly taking forum posting jobs as their main source online income.  With a lot of forums sprouting every day, most forums need to give an incentive to members to attract and keep them in their forums. This works for the greater good of both the forum owners who make revenues and posters who earn for their contribution. In my previous posts here at digital dimes I have reviewed a couple of these legit paying forums. Today I am going to look at another paid to post on forum.

What is Iaft forum?

Iaft forum is a paid to post forum sponsored by the international association of forex trades; where you can earn money discussing forex trade. This forum is basically for forex traders but anybody can participate. You don’t need any prior knowledge to post here, just start by asking basic questions and grow as you learn.

Who can join Iaft forum?

Anyone from anywhere in the world, Basic English is however necessary. As I pointed earlier, this is a forex trade forum. However, you can start posting without any forex knowledge; personally, I started as a beginner by learning the basics. So don’t shy away, you can always google incase you need to answer a strange question.

How do I earn money at Iaft forum?

You get paid for posting new threads and posting replies.  Every new thread is worth $0.04 while a reply will earn you $0.03.  Just allow 5 minutes between posts to avoid being labeled a spammer or a bonus chaser. As a thumb of rule, always read the rules and regulations before posting.

How do I get paid?

You will receive your money once you make $10via liberty reserve and $50 via PayPal. It only takes 48 hours after requesting.

Where do I start?

You will need to sign up, go here, fill up the registration form and open your email and click on the confirmation link. Check both the mailbox and the spam, if not found in either, click on resend message or contact the admin.


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