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How to earn $10 daily with easy forum commenting jobs?


How to earn $10 daily with easy forum commenting jobs?

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  • What are forum commenting jobs?

Forum commenting jobs is one of ways to earn money online. If you have ever used facebook before, you must know what commenting is. When a person creates a forum, they invite people like you and me to kick start conversations in return for some cash.

Anyone with a good command Basic of basic English can work on these forums and earn money daily. It’s a great way to earn your first dollars online.  Working as a forum poster is definitely a job you can start earning $10 today.

Now that you are ready to start earning money, let me introduce you to the best paid to post sites;

  1. postloop

Earning money on postloop is simple. For instance, If you make 100 posts per day, you can earn between $5-$15.

Another way to earn money with postloop is to refer your friends. You earn 20% of     everything your referrals make. If you refer 10 people who make $5 a day, you will make    10x5x20/100= $10 whether you work or not. I am working to refer 100 Learn more

  1. theforumwheel

The forumwheel hires you to write quality, engaging posts and replies. The point is to drive conversation on the forum. You are paid 0.05-0.15 dollars for every post you make. This means if you make 100 threads per day you can make between 5-15 dollars. The amount you are paid per post depends on your rating which is 0-5. If you score 3.5 -4.0 you earn 0. 05$ and $1.5 if your score is 5. I have a 4.3 rating and my pay per post is Learn more

  1. forumcoin

Paid forumposting.com is one of the highest paying paid to post forums. They also offer blog commenting, article writing and tweeting jobs but forum posting is their main gig. This site is open worldwide as long as you can write proper grammar, follow simple instructions and have access to a PayPal account. Learn more

  1. blogjob

The first way to make money on blogjob is by participating in the discussions. Every point is worth $0.01; may not seem like much, but considering its money earned for things you are doing on facebook for free. I say it’s worth every coin.

  • Creating a blog post at least 300 words will earn you 50 points equal to $0.5.
  • Login in will earn you 2 points.
  • Wall update=2 points
  • Commenting =1 point
  • Liking =1 point
  • 1 friend= 1 point

Learn more


  1. forumcoin

Forumcoin is a great online forum where you earn money creating threads, posts and comments. Most of the discussions on this forum involve money making ideas which is a plus since you will learn new ways you will add to your online earning portfolio. Learn more

  1. moneytalkvillage

Moneytalkvilage is another paid forum posting site that you can earn money online just by posting forum threads and comments. The pay is 0.03 for new threads and 0.02 for replies. Learn more

  1. microwokers

You can earn money by completing numerous tasks such as liking a facebook page, following a twitter account, writing a blog post; however, today we are concentrating on blog commenting jobs. When you login into your account you will find a list of jobs available. From this list, choose a commenting job. Learn more

  1. cashfindforums

cashfindforums is an online forum community that pays people like you and me to participate in discussions within their forum. Online business and money making ideas are the major topics you will find on cashfindforumforums. Learn more

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